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Does anyone have issues with the rectal scar?

:bigwave: Hello everyone! Hope all is well. Wow--11 months post ileostomy surgery. Stoma is great--keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I've renamed Blossom the stoma to VOLCI--short for volcano because it's always spewing everywhere! LOL. Just have a few issues with hydration--had an IV bag of fluids last week--that's another story for later. ANYWAY--the rectal incision is a pain in the arse! I have this annoying bridge of scarring that goes horizontally where the anus was sewn (gee--a bit graphic, but I'm among friends that more-than-understand). Anyway, saw my surgeon last week. Mind you, I have had a hematoma excision AND a scar revision earlier this year. I have no drainage, but it will rip somewhat and bleed a bit from pulling depending on my activity levels. It can kinda hurt--okay it hurts a lot. My surgeon is consulting with a plastic surgeon. The game plan is to cut the bridge of scarring away and replace with healthy skin from my bumcheek. Has anyone ever heard of this or undergone a similar procedure? I want to make the right decision, my surgeon is awesome, and will definately do what is best for me. I just don't want to trade a problem for a bigger problem, since the skin in that area is known for it's healing issues. Knowing that our condition is always an issue, I just feel that I've come this far, and want to be able to enjoy hiking in the timber, riding horses, riding my bike, and generally having a good time without worrying about a pain in the butt! Thanks everyone--sorry I haven't been keeping in touch much--I started a new job and kids are super busy in school, etc. Stay well! Snap :hug:


Dana, sorry about this! Yes, I do know someone who is going through a similar proceedure, our own Misty-Eyed, Michelle.

So, she has now been tagged and hopefully can respond. I understand that proctolectomy proceedures do have a high incidence of trouble with that area. I certainly hope that you and Michelle can get these issues corrected once and for all.
Dana, I'm sorry to say, that 13 years after my proctocolectomy, I am still having tightness and pain on occasions from the rectal scarring. Walking is not a problem at all for me (and I do a lot of bushwalking), riding a bike is only possible with an old-fashioned wide seat with a thick sheepskin cover - and I haven't tried horse riding. I can't sit on a hard flat seat (like a church pew) for any length of time.

We discussed some further plastic surgery but the healing of the original surgery took so much time that I was reluctant to go through it again.
Good luck with your decision. I know it won't be easy. I am just waiting for my initial butt wound to heal. Apparently it is going to take a LONG time. I do suppose that if the area is disease free the healing should be ok. However this is what you really need to discuss with your surgeon. Let him know of your concerns so that you can use the information to help with the decision.
Let us know how you go.

Hi snap! Is it the op where they make a Y shape scar on your bum cheek?

As Misty said, I am having issues too but I am 14 months post op and my healing is FARRRRRRR from being complete. I basically have no healing where my rectum once was although it did heal mostly on the outside but I have a hole which actually still looks like an anus. I still have lots of discharge although the area isn't as uncomfortable as it used to be.

So now I'm having an op carried out by my plastic surgeon AND my colorectal surgeon to take a slice of muscle from my leg to plug up the hole, basically. It's called a musculocutaneous flap using the Gracilis muscle. Is it a singapore flap they'll be doing with you? They spoke about using skin from my inner thigh to do that but my colorectal surgeon thinks the wound is too deep.

Also found out on Thursday that I'm being put on Humira to help with the healing. Good times a head!

To be honest, I'll just be happy when I can go to the hospital without them wanting to look at my bum and sticking their finger up it. Am I the only one that thought having a permanent ileostomy would mean an end to all this? lol.

I hope it all goes well though, snap! Any idea on when you'll be having it? And congrats on the new job!!
:ywow: YIKES Michelle--you poor thing--I'm so sorry for you. NO--mine is healed, no problems with holes or discharge. I just have a very tough, grisle-like band right where the anus was sewn. I had a revision in June--but it did not work. The band is horizontal--so it just pulls like mad on my inner buttcheek skin. It sometimes oozes blood from constant tension and pulling. Nothing like yours, and I have struggled with wondering if I'm being a weenie or being too picky. I guess my rationale is that, going through soo much and being sooo sick, I want a butt that isn't bleeding and hurting when I try to carry out the simplest of pleasures. My surgeon wants to consult with a plastic surgeon, but he is thinking of cutting out that band kind of in the shape of an eye, then replacing with buttcheek skin. I'm really apprehensive, because I don't want to trade one problem for a bigger problem. I really hope that Humira works for you. How ridiculous that you are going through such a hard time. Yeah, I'm right there with you thinking that we are looking forward to the day when we can actually keep our undies on while at the Dr.'s office! Take care, keep me posted on your progress---meanwhile I'm sending thoughts of healing and friendship your way! Thanks for sharing!:rosette2: Dana
I don't think you're being too picky. Why should you have to put up with a problem that can be fixed? I know what you mean about trading problems though. I got told that there was a chance that the flap wouldn't heal or the scar on my leg would break down. I thought the op to get rid of my colon would be a big deal but would be the end of things.. which while I don't regret it, it would of made me think twice before having it if I'd known I'd have this problem. Now I feel the same.. is it worth risking having a greater problem with more scars and wounds? Obviously if it works it'll be worth it, but how sure can I be that it will? It feels like never ending hurdles! Especially as my wound will most likely heal in the end anyway.. but do I really want to wait years for that to happen? I guess we just have to put trust in our surgeons that they have our best interests at heart. A difficult situation! Hopefully the humira will help though.

Thank you very much though, Dana. You can always send me a private message if you ever want to talk. Keep me posted on your progress too!!! xxx