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Does anyone have regular bloods while on Humira

Hi guys,
Just wondering if any of you have any regular blood work done while taking Humira. I'm coming up to my 3 month mark and haven't done any since starting.. Off course I'm not complaing if this is the norm. I'm kinda over being a pin cushion..
People on Humira should probably be having at least monthly blood tests to monitor for potential issues, as should probably be the case for all immunosuppressants. Assuming Medicare count Humira as a regular immunosuppressant, you will be eligible for free CBC & ESR tests.

Although fairly unlikely, there are risks of complications eg opportunistic infections exacerbated by the Humira that you may not be able to pick up easily. Blood tests will often show early warning signs before these get too bad, so I for one would be insisting on monthly blood tests unless my specialist & GP could persuade me otherwise.

Although I would be surprised if he had not just simply forgotten, if your GI doesn't seem interested in doing them or he's not easy to get in contact with, and you have contact with a good GP, it may be better to get them to write up the forms, you can always get the copies sent between them anyway :)
I was having blood tests monthly for about 8 months, now it's every three months. A person on H should have regular blood tests.
I just remembered this thread, and my post above was probably thinking of multiple therapy (eg combining with azathioprine or methotrexate), rather than straight Humira. After chatting to the RAH IBD nurses recently I've been told the protocol is 6 monthly once stable on Humira, but of course if there are concerns always encourage people to contact them immediately, and they'll organise tests etc, but I'm sure they'd want to do a few tests shortly after starting it too.


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I was getting blood work monthly while on 6MP and when I switched to Humira I was still doing it monthly. I don't think monthly is required but no harm in getting it done whenever you can. I don't think I've ever gone over 3 months without blood work.
I know that I get my blood test every week, it's mostly because of methotrexate injections. They're obviously doing the liver panel test. Never heard of having a blood test is for Humira but I can see why.
Humira is the only thing Im taking, been on it for 2+yrs. Havent had blood drawn since the first week, except during one extreme dehydration spell.