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Does anyone know what this bump on my thigh is?

Its the second time I have gotten one. Don't know if its Crohn's related. It hurts like a deep pimple hurts if I touch it. It is slightly raised.
What's throwing me off is that it doesnt really have a head to it, and it has that reddish circle around it. The reddish part does not hurt or itch. Just the head does. Any ideas?


Before I was diagnosed with Crohn's I had a similar lump on my ankle. A surgeon said it was a cyst and tried to surgically remove it, only to discover it was not a cyst. It was a condition known as erythema nodosum. A few years later when I was diagnosed with Crohn's, I read somewhere that erythema nodosum can be one of the side effect of Crohn's. Maybe you can google some photos of erythema nodosum and see how it compares. It's been so long ago, I don't remember if it itched or hurt, I just remember the surgeon getting frustrated and trying to explain his "oops". Good luck finding out what it is.
I checked on Erythema Nodosum. That looks more like red splotches that seem bruised. I didn't see anything that looked like what I have but who knows.
I have cysts and they started off looking like that (and kept growing). The other thing it kinda looks like is an ingrown hair that are really painful. I get a lot of those (and not from shaving!). Not sure if either of these make sense in relation to what you have, ibdoer.
I get that sort of thing to. I have kind of always thought they were ingrown hairs but rarely do I ever get a hair out. I have ingrown hair on my face but you always get a hair.
I am including pics of my own. right now it has been healing for about a week. You can see 2 other scars/marks from previous ones. These 3 happened one right after the other in a triangle shape. When it is in full glory lol it will be painful and will pop or I will pop it with a pin. I will drain a bloody milky goo like stuff. Now it is just a hard lump.
2nd pic is whole thigh showing lots of little red bumps that come and go.
3rd pic shows another one that is healing on my other thigh.

My first GI appointment is july 22nd and I will ask him if he has any idea.


Hey Rusty. Those DO look like ingrown hairs. Kinda like what I had but without the reddish ring. Mine is much better today.
It got really hot here so maybe its that. Or we could have folliculitis maybe? Its an inflammation of the hair follicles. Who knows.
Hopefully the GI will be able to tell me when I see him, If not I will see my GP who will probable send me to a dermatologist.
When I get some answers I will post on here.