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Does anyone know what to do to make the insurance approve my humaira quicker?

My child who is 9 yrs old and is aloud to only drink these drinks she doesn’t like. And refuses to drink
She is loosing so much weight and can’t eat until the insurance approve the medicine humara
Any tips

my little penguin

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The GI can place an ng tube (nasal gastric tube ) in her nose so she gets the nutrition she needs without having to taste or drink it .
If she is losing weight and refusing to drink you need to contact her Gi quickly .
Formula only will be needed for a while (weeks to months ) even after she starts humira
It will take a while for humira to work
My child was dx at age 7
He is 19 now
No child like formula only to drink
We treated it like medicine
He got to chose the cup
He chose the plastic lid
And straw color
Place plenty of crushed ice in the cup
Pour in the formula
Ask if chocolate syrup (such as Hershey’s is permitted )
Add the syrup
Place the lid and straw in
Have the child pinch their nose while the drink it
Less taste that way
Then move on to the next cup etc

we did 2 shakes of peptamen jr 4 times a day

definitely talk to her Gi
Ask your GI to send a letter or call the insurance company. The head nurse of my GI's office doggedly called insurance to get Humira approved for me. She was freaking awesome!

Also: what are the ingredients in the drinks? It's EXTREMELY likely that there is an alternative you can make or purchase which your daughter will actually want to eat.
I'm so sorry to hear that. As a patient with IBD, you really have to advocate for yourself. In your circumstance, you really have to learn to be the advocate for your child.

Call your insurance and ask to get an expedited review. If they are unable to do that, call your doctors office and ask them to call in for an expedited review. Typically, whenever I am starting a new medication, I ask my doctors to send it in "expedited". There seems to be a process they are able to do such that once prior authorization/review process begins, if it is submitted as "expedited" or "urgent" the insurance company must respond in like 24 to 48 hours. I assume it varies state to state though.

Once it gets approved, I would suggest that you stay on the ball with specialty pharmacy in order to get the ball rolling.