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Does anyone share the Crohns issues in having

I'm new here but in 2004 I was diagnosed with Crohn's 4 years after gastric bypass surgery. I suffer severe iron deficiency anemia and have had transfusions. Now I have to get iron transfused intravenously. Although I haven't had an exhasboration in about 5 years I do still notice I always have cuts in the cracks of my mouth, the cut to the top of my butt has been a repeated problem lately and dont go away, also I have had severe weight loss from 170 lbs in a year to 110. My feet and fingers also crack and split open. My nails are always splitting or breaking too so am I alone or is this common?? Any suggestions to cure some of these ongoing bothersome and painful issues??


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New York, USA
When I was a child I would have the same issue you describe, your issues aside from the weight loss are most likely due to a deficiency - have you had your B12, D etc levels tested? Just because you are getting iron IV doesn't mean your levels are where they need to be.

As for some relief - Avon Care Deeply hand cream really worked well for me - for prescription strength - have you tried anything such as Tacro cream, Protopic or steroid creams?
Sounds like a real bad malnutrition problem and your body is not retaining water or nutrients. The split/broken fingernails and drop in weight are telltale signs. Do you have frequent urination? If so you really should get checked for diabetes.
I don't have the split skin, although my lips have been chapped and cracking. I live in Minnesota, so I guess I'm used to that.

I get iron infusions just about every two years. I had one last week, and I have another scheduled this week.

My nails and hair have been breaking and brittle for months. I would also look into the vitamin deficiency/malnutrition angle. I've been Vitamin D deficient before, so I take 2000 units per day now. BUT, taking supplements won't help if you're missing what you need to absorb them.

My big thing is the fatigue. Too tired to hold my arm tired. UGH