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Does Azathiprine or Entocort cause bruising

Very strange.... last night hubby and I noticed that I am covered in bruises... seriously I look like I have been beaten up... purple welts all over me, over my knuckles, elbows, shins, knees, thighs, even my butt!!!

Anyone else have this? Could it be some of the meds?

Been on Entocort for about 6 months now, Azathioprine for 3 weeks, Mebeverine forever, pentasa has been an occasional dalliance with little success (didnt turn out to be the miracle bum cork I had hoped for).

In fact, I just generally feel like pants... it's an effort to lift my backside off the sofa, I actually feel like I HAVE been beaten up but no story to tell - just spectacular bruises...

Any thoughts guys?

You must refer unexplained bruising to your gp/consultant whilst on Aza! If you haven't and are too late for the do's office call the out of hours service - it may be nothing, or it may be important!


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Yes, call your doctor ASAP!!! Your blood may not be clotting correctly. You shouldn't be bruising so easily.
Thanks all, I had my flu jab this afternoon so I asked, but they were most unconcerned, especially as my loud mouth son pointed out I go to Judo classes... I got a kind of "well you brought that on yourself" reaction..

I do go to Judo classes - but I am the lamest person on the mat, and I don't recall injuring myself - you usually have a story to tell for a corking shiner...

I just had AZA bloods done Tuesday this week, and seeing my consultant next Tuesday, so I can chat with him then I suppose.

I intend to spend the weekend sleeping so if I am still black and blue I will have a strong argument that all is not right.

Thanks again everyone.

I have some pretty good bruises at the moment aswell. Sorry to hear you're all black and blue too! I believe Fentanyl the painkiller I take can make one bruise more easily so I'm putting it down to that in my case.

I've literally got them in the strangest places though - knees, forearms and hands. People must wonder what I have been up to!

Hope your bloods come back okay, good luck in sorting something about with your consultant. :) Enjoy your relaxing weekend in the mean time!
holy! lishy way to scare us! when you said the multiple bruise thing in your initial post, all i could think of was a past coworker who was feeling generally lethargic and ill for a while... then BAM! she woke up covered in bruises all over...

turned out it was leukemia... it really hit her hard!

so i'm glad it's your judo and not something serious like that.

take care!
Panic over! The spectacular bruises are beause I have been on industrial doses of steroids for rather a long time! Apparently everything has gone a bit thin and fragile - may have to take it easy on the Judo for a bit, but at least its nothing sinister.

I'm moving onto mercept????? can't remember what it was called but I get the prescription tomorrow... at least the vominting should stop now!

Thanks for your thoughts everyone!

> mercept?????

Mercaptopurine perhaps? Good luck if it is. That's the one that had Hubby calling the out of hours doc to stab me with industrial anti-emetics!

Mercaptopurine, sometimes called 6-MP is what your liver metabolises half the azathioprine into, the other thing is I can't remember but it doesn't play much if any part in the main activity. You might, if you are lucky, be having problems with that rather than the 6MP.
/Me crosses fingers for you!