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Does chron's cause smelly sweat??

I was diagnosed with chron's disease three years ago when I was 1st year college student. I used to have many friends before diagnosed with chron's but after that I couldn't find a way to create good friendship and continue my studies properly because of change in body odor. Even though I find a solution to control flare up through diet but I'm struggling to control body odor and it's becoming worse every year. I take shower every day but stink with not more than an hour and I started to notice this strong smelly sweat two years ago. So, please I need an advice from your experience if the cause of smelly sweat is chron's or diet (since I use protein in excessive amount when compared to other nutrients).
My pcp always told me that this could be related to my condition and he didn't help me that much. That's why I want to make sure if chron's victim suffer from smelly sweat or not and if not I will talk my pcp again. Please tell me if you notice smelly sweat after a while you diagnosed with chron's or not??
I use different kinds antibacterial soaps none of them make difference and it's invaluable to me if you know the name of antibacterial body wash or some detergent which will eliminate B.O.
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My child (adult now in college ) has had crohns since he was 7.
Never had any issues
Sweating typically isn’t related to crohns as far as I know
There are clinical grade antiperspirants and deodorant combos
I know my kiddo tried a few more natural antiperspirants once and they did nothing
Only if he uses the clinical strength combo of antiperspirant and deodorant does it work
For the past 2 and half years I had been told and believed this issue was related to chron's and no solution. Because of this I spent all day long at home locking up my door, never had friend and known as the back bencher in college but today thanks for your help I get huge relief. THANK YOU SO MUCH
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Hi, yes I have never heard of body odour connected to Crohn's Disease. Have you considered the possibility of certain foods that might be causing this? The odour would be coming through your pours - I know that some people when they eat a lot of pungeant/spicy or certain types of vegetables, that it comes out of their pours. Something you might want to look into possibly?
Thanks for your life changing help and I will check every possibly thing that cause B.O and try to take balanced diet as I have been taking protein which is my comfort zone listed under Fodmaps in excessive amount to control flare up. Thanks there for real thanks.
I have the same problem since getting Crohn’s unbelievable body odour which comes and goes- on a bad day I can shower and use deodorant and within an hour smell horrible. It is awful especially when trying to hold down a job. My Crohn’s onset triggered some kind of autonomic nervous system problem which I understand controls sweating amongst other things (blood pressure being the one that has caused me most difficulty).
I found a deodorant which called itself a 96 hour protection deodorant which is working for me at the moment thank goodness. So I would advise keep experimenting with different brands.
Good luck. Crohn’s is hard enough without these other problems.
I am sure this is Crohn’s related because I never had it before and when I was hospitalised with Crohn’s (which had caused sepsis) I smelled unbelievable, my other half was tempted to burn my clothes it was that bad. And when I get the horrible smell episodes now it is that same smell, like something toxic my body is trying to get rid of.