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Does Cimzia work if Humira isn't? Please Help

Brian was on Humira since jan2011. In the past months...sed and crp seems to be creeping up. We tested for antibodies. None. So GI thinks the Cimzia won't work because she said, quote, "Since he has no anti bodies to Humira...then there is no reason the Humira isn't working."
What do you all think of that?


With all due respect to the doctor I think that's utter nonsense and others will back me up. Most of us do not have antibodies to the biologics and one may work well and another fails or poops out over time. I would definitely give Cimzia a chance. My GI told me he has seen many who fail Remicade and Humira do well on Cimzia but he wasn't sure why.


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Lots of members switch to different biologics. Many do very well after the switch. Just because they're in the same class of drugs doesn't mean another wont work.

I've already taken Humira and Remicade. If my current treatment isn't working well enough both my GI and Rheumatologist want me to try Cimzia. Its possible that another medication may need to be added to the biologic like 6MP/Imuran or Methotrexate. Often times the combination of medications may be just the thing to help get you into and keep you in remission.

Humira may still be working but Crohn's doesn't play by any rules. Sometimes it can be much more aggressive. People can easily go from mild to severe and severe to mild. So an increase in the Humira may be needed or a short course of steroids or as I mentioned above, another medication may need to be added to the Humira. Its getting the disease under control that's most important before things get out of hand. What did his GI suggest since its clear that some inflammation is building up?
Thanks so much for your responses. :) The doctor is wanting to do EEN while we wait for insurance to approve Cimzia. I hope we try cimzia soon.