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Does Crohn's Disease cause infertility

Will having crohn's and colitis cause me to become un-fertile? cause i'm not having any luck.


hmmm I am not sure. I would have to say "No" for the most part, as my brother was able to impregnate his girlfriend.... And I believe there are others here on the foruim that have had children AFTER their diagnosis.... So I wouldn't think that IBD in itself would cause sterility....

We know that alot of the medications can cause problems for fetuses, but I am not sure how they affect sperm... 'tis something I will have to look up!

Sorry I couldn't give you more info, Cory... We do know that with women, stress (both mental and physical) can cause and interuption in ovulation.... maybe the same thing happens in males....

Maybe having a sperm count done next time you see your doctor may answer some questions and put your mind at ease. :)
I dont think so....atleast I hope not. And when you mean you are not having any luck do you mean you are unable to get your partner pregnate or you are shooting blanks...lol.
I think there are certain medicines that can mess with fertility, in women at least. Not sure about the male infertility.


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Both men and women can be affected by different meds - if there has been no success when actively trying, I would go and get a sperm count done.....

My husband believed for years he was shooting blanks - after 2 marriages, no kids.....yet he and I conceived a beautiful daughter without even trying!