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Does ham aggravate Crohn's Disease

Today I ate a light breakfast and went to my guitar class. Then we ate at a BBQ joint around my town and I felt fine. Finally a little while ago my mom made ham. I never feel good eating ham. So now I am in bed typing to all you guys. I want to know if you all have problem with pork because whenever I eat it no matter how big or small the amount I feel ill. Right now I have a headache and my stomache is in knots. I only get this when I eat pork again. I think I have a problem digesting it and thats why I get problems.

Wish everyone well


Before I was diagnosed, the first time I had to go to the emergency room I had eaten a BBQ sandwich. I don't eat pork on a regular basis though, so I can't make any sweeping conclusions about eating swine.
My mom loves to make ham becauswe it is cheap and easy to make but neither my dad or I like it. We tell her we hate it and it makes us feel not so good. But she keeps making it.

I am feeling better noww though. It is just harder for me to digest.


Glad you are feeling better now.

I really do not eat pork/ham, so cannot tell you how it affects me. Maybe just try and not eat it as much as you can avoid it.


aww Jeff I can relate.. my mother tries to kill me a few times a week it seems... ham, things covered in cream or milk.. etc... lol
I have a problem with the ham too. next time try to skip it.. maybe if your mom realizes no one is eating it, it wont seem so cheap when there is so much left over :) lol
glad your feeling a bit better.
Good idea Valentina, my mom would really kill me and my dad then. She hates when we tell her we do not like something ir it makes us feel bad. Women, LOL


lol, ya women... ;)
maybe its the way you fellas tell the poor woman you dont like something? lol just a thought... :)