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Does instant coffee cause you to flare?

Is instant coffee a trigger for you?

  • Yes, instant coffee is definitely a trigger

    Votes: 14 30.4%
  • No, I haven't seen any correlation

    Votes: 17 37.0%
  • I'm not sure

    Votes: 15 32.6%

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Naples, Florida
I'm curious if any of you have connected instant coffee consumption and an increase in symptoms? It's important that it be INSTANT coffee, not regular coffee that you're answering for.

I ask because I'm doing research and instant coffee is high in an ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) that I'm interested in.

Thank you!
Yes, David, it's probably my biggest trigger. Even decaff can set the symptoms off so I steer clear. Real coffee is not quite so bad, but only in small occasional doses.
I miss coffee :-(
I'm not quite sure yet, I have had some bad days after drinking coffee but that was been coffee at work. I always attribute the flare to the sugar more so than the coffee. I'll let you know if I have anything more conclusive.
Yes, but so does pressed coffee. I love coffee and it's hard for me to give it up, but I have found that Keurig coffee isn't so harsh.
The coffee it's self doesn't cause a flare(I doubt any food can cause a flare by its self) but there has deffinately been times when I have avoided coffee for months at a time. Sometimes I NEED the coffee to keep me 'goung' when all else fails :)


Naples, Florida
The coffee it's self doesn't cause a flare(I doubt any food can cause a flare by its self)
Unless of course the H2O2 in instant coffee reacts with nitrites and because people with Crohn's disease don't make Catalase, the next thing you know you have excess Nitric Oxide and Peroxynitrite that leads to a chain reaction and destruction of the gastrointestinal tract.

Wait for my paper in a few weeks before you make that statement ;)
It wouldn't be the coder causing the flare. It would be a certain ingredient in it causing a chemical reaction. Correct? Just like a cookie containing gluten doesn't cause a celiac to get sick. The intolerance to the gluten it's self causes it.


Naples, Florida
Heheh. Well, you can break anything down to smaller components if you like. It's not the gluten, it's the C29 H37 N5 O9 Damn that carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen! :)

But yes, I see what you're saying. :) But it would still be "the food" causing the flare if that ingredient is invariably a component of that food. It would be like saying milk doesn't cause people with lactose intolerance problems.
Because it doesn't ;) I'll be looking forward to your paper coming out. Fingers crossed I don't get a power outage with Hurricane Isaac like we did with Katrina do I can view it. Since you live in Florida I hope you get the heavy sarcasm (;
I wouldn't say 'flare' but I definitely avoid it. While I seem to be able to get away with a weak espresso, instant coffee instantly upsets my gut, I get more bloating and gas almost right away...
mhmm I have my suspicions! Not sure it causes a flare as I've never been in remission but it does make me feel pretty iffy...I've really gone off it in the last 6 months I think my body is naturally rejecting it
I only started drinking coffee in March this year, but I consumed a bizarre amount of instant coffee during exam time. Granted, my Crohn's was behaving itself very well by then, but I can't say I noticed any signs of flare.
For the record, Keurig (k-cups) are not instant coffee. They are ground coffee beans.

This is what I drink and I wasn't sure so I Googled it :biggrin:
I never drink instant coffee, so couldn't say. I have in the past thought I had problems with the sort of heavily stewed filter coffee that sits around in the pot for hours, but could not say for sure. Espressos I seem to be fine with however, which is lucky as I am totally addicted!
Chicago, IL
Coffee only effects me when there is sugar or cream in it. I drink black coffee and I feel it helps "regulate" me! (I have the type of crohns that causes constipation tho)

I could see how someone who suffers from diarrhea might not want to touch coffee.
I have had 1 cup of Instant coffee a day for the last 20 years, do not think that it has caused me to flare but it sure helps me wake up.
I do know that it will make me go to that bathroom about 20 minutes after I drink it and a lot of times that is a good thing.
Most things that will cause me to flare will do so really fast and it's easy to figure out what caused it.
I tried to eat cherry's the other day and I tried them 2 times and will never eat a cherry every again. :frown:

fuzzy butterfly

Well-known member
i only usualy have one cup in the morning to bring me round as it were,but cant say it causes me any probs,im in remission at the mo so all seems good food and drink wise... btw lucidor loving the hat must get me one of those lol !!
I haven't caused anyone to flare, and you can't prove otherwise.

On a related note, no, and I drink a lot of it. In fact I get worse if I don't have coffee. I think I need the acidity.


Diagnosed July, 2021. Ridiculously new at this!
US (east coast)
Hi David,
I realize this thread is very old, but just wondering what ever happened with your research on this? I am 61 years old and was recently diagnosed with "possible Crohn's disease" (the biopsies from my colonoscopy showed some findings in my terminal ileum, but not 100% conclusive for Crohn's so far). I have taken sulfasalazine and recently completed a 3 month tapering course of budesonide, which helped me. However, most recently I stopped drinking instant decaf coffee, which I had been drinking daily for decades. I instantly felt better! My stools became "textbook normal", haha! So I came to this forum specifically to do a search on "instant coffee", and here I am! Would love to know your thoughts on instant coffee and intestinal health!