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Does it get better?

I am a newly diagnosed woman of 36 years old. I think I should start out by saying that I am sure I have had some kind of IBD if not Crohn's for probably the last 5 years without proper diagnosis. I started really having issues with this about 6 months ago and just recently spent 23 of the last 31 days hospitalized with symptoms from the Crohn's as well as c-DIFF which was absolutely horrible. I can't wait for things to get better. I am currently on steroids and the side effects from that alone are making me crazy, jittery feeling, sweating constantly, anxious, etc. Please somebody tell me it gets better:ybatty:


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Hi there, steroids may do the trick
and reduce inflammation: then you will feel a lot better. I too was on steroids which made my face swell up. I empathize with you. People upset me by telling me how well I looked! Once they find the treatment for you, it will get better. Take one day at a time. Best wishes.
hi tlc,

I am a female crohn's person who's had CD since the age of 12. live in NY state like yourself.

Most GIs where I live are shying away from the prednisone because of the long term side effects if patients are on them for several years. Can you ask your GI if you're a candidate for Entocort? It's a steroid BUT it doesn't have the side effects like prednisone--sweating, insomnia, increased appetite, anxiety, bone loss if on it for over 10 years, etc.

I've been on Entocort for a while and I feel wonderful. No side effects at all and the best part is that I don't have the mood swings like I had on prednisone.

It does get better. You and your GI just need to come up with a game plan and find a treatment that works well for you. Seeing as you're experiencing side effects, I'd give your GI a call and tell him that it's affecting your daily life style and want to try something else.

I can relate to being hospitalized. I was in the hospital last year due to pancreatitis and salmonella poisoning. Talk about pain galore.

Feel free to PM me anytime if you have questions. I am here for you. I've been a member of the local CCFA chapter and the local ostomy support group for over 20 years in both groups.

Browse around this site and check out the wiki information. there is so much to read so don't be overwhelmed. Just take it a little at a time.

Feel better. Gutless Wonderwoman :)
Hi tlc

To answer your question - yes it really can get a lot better. The diagnosis stage is going to be a low point but once you get the meds right and stabilised your quality of life should improve greatly.

I recently did an exercise to try and quantify good vs. bad times with crohn's and I reckon it works out 75% to 25% for me. It's all recorded at - www.crohnoid.com

Regards, Nigel


It gets better because you get informed and eventually get diagnosed and figure out what works for you. I can't promise the disease will get better but if you and your medical team are working at it hopefully you will be able to resume a normal life. You can and hopefully will achieve full remission.