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Does LDN elevate liver enzymes???

Hi. My son (16 years old/5ft 7"/100lbs) has Crohn's Disease and has been taking 4.5mg LDN for about 5 weeks now. We started off low and built up to 4.5mg. Apart from the LDN and a specific diet he has had no other treatment. He has gone from watery, bloody diarrheah up to 10-14 times a day with weight loss to non bloody, normally formed stools once a day and is now slowly gaining weight. He has had a very detailed blood test carried out through Genova Labs in London which showed a bacterial imbalance. We will be adding other supplements to his treatment such as probiotics, boswellia, CBD, vitamins, L-glutamine. He has been under the care of a private doctor in London.

My Question

Just last week he had a blood test which showed elevated liver enzymes in his blood. He was admitted to hospital for 3 days so they could monitor the liver enzymes levels. In them 3 days the liver enzymes levels improved and he has been discharged. They still want to monitor his blood once a week. While at the hospital he stopped taking LDN. Do you think it was the LDN that spiked his liver enzymes levels? LDN does come with a warning for this, but at higher dosages. What do you think? Thanks.

Btw this is in the UK so there is no charge at the hospital.


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It’s good that the doctors are monitoring frequently.
It is quite possible for a reaction to occur with any drug but I’m sure the doctors will follow this quite closely.
If discontinuing the drug removes the liver symptoms then you have the answer and it may be necessary to discontinue it.
Livers can sometimes get sensitive to drugs...has anyone suggested lowering the dosage
Hope it clears up soon
Feel better soon