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Does pred get less effective?

I've been on prednisolone for 9 months or so now and after my last taper when I got down to 7mg, I've never really recovered. I was bumped back up to 30mg and did a quick taper (5mg every 4days) and now I'm on 13mg. Tonight my pain has been extreme although it's still controlling my diarrhoea reasonably well.

Does pred get less effective the more you use it? I know my latest ESR is creeping up again. Thanks
I'm not sure if bit gets less effective. But I know that it worked brilliant for me three times and now, a few years on, it's not holding the Crohns at bay. It's like it has stopped working properly :/


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What I noticed (and this is strictly anecdotal, and everyone is different) is that every time I'd taper down (isn't pred withdrawal wonderful).. and they'd have to put me back on it, I'd get back to the dose that was working .. and it was way less effective.. so they would increase it. That was my personal observation... to get the same effect in subsequent loads of pred, they would have to ramp it up higher.. and higher. I don't think it is the disease that gets used to the pred.. I think it is our bodies. Does that make sense to anyone?
Yup! That's basically what I was trying to say :) that was my experience too. My body jut seems to get used to the stuff! X