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Does the waiting drive you crazy?

Maybe I'm just the impatient type :dance:

I've come to realisation that one of the biggest stresses of having Crohn's comes from the constant waiting.

Currently I'm waiting to see if Stelara (Ustekinumab) will kick in and improve my health. Before that I was waiting months to see if I could take Stelara. Before that 101 other things.

Does the waiting drive others crazy?

How do you try to push it to the back of your mind?
Thanks Ron. Yes trying to learn French at the moment. Not sure I'll stick it out but it distracts me a bit.
Yes idiom I agree with you... I'm waiting too for entyvio to kick in... been 6 months now since my last flare and 4 months with entyvio...

I had to cancel professional projects I dont know when I could restart, I tried to plan vacations, but had to cancel as I was not feeling well.

I'm trying to relax and live my life day by day. Good thing is that when we find the right medication we can have years of good health I hope.

I agree with Ron, hobbies help a lot.
Not any more it dosnt. I use the time to document my illness and research it. I am in a unique position as you are. Most GI docs dont have a GI disease, you and I do.

So keep a detailed journal, its people like us who will finally get on top of these diseases because we get a unique insight into it. Write everything down, its valuable first hand data to scientists
I feel like I've been waiting for the last 3 years!
First for a proper diagnosis, then for a resection, then for Humira to kick in, then for a double dose of Humira, then exactly the same scenario for Infliximab, then waiting to qualify for a medical trial and my next wait will be to see if it does anything and whether that is the medication not working, or the wrong dose or because I'm on placebo, sigh.

I can't plan anything, have given up working and was hoping that would help, not. Now I don't really want to start up anything else like volunteer work as I don't know if I'll be well enough to do it.

I just want my life back!

Impatient from NZ ;)
Me too! I feel like I am always waiting for one thing or another: waiting to get better from a bad flare and then to see if I’ll continue to feel all right. Sometimes it’s just waiting to see if I should call my GI or feel sicker before I do, or waiting for tests and then results. Usually I just feel like I live in permanent limbo.