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Does this sound like a stricture?

I saw my specialist last week. They want a colonoscopy done. The nurse practitioner was specilating about a stricture. Sometimes, I feel pain around my left rib which may or may not be trapped gas. Sometimes, right before a bm, i feel pain around my left leg or hip. Could any of this be associated with a stricture? I also have pain around the bellybutton sometimes.
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It could be.

When mine have been really bad, I feel super-intense pain, followed by what sounds like the rush of the sea.

Really intense boborgymi (bowel sounds). Like, if I'm in the passenger seat of the car, the driver will hear my belly noises.

Super-intense pain followed by belly noise = not good.


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Mine comes and goes. Pain will build up on my lower right side where there is narrowing in my resection, and then it too will gurgle and bubble and relief is almost instant. Other times I will get a short intense pain and then feel things moving through the pipes and again pain is alleviated quickly. The doctor warns me to chew my food well and to avoid eating too much at once and to limit fiber.
Could be, but not sure... Try not to worry or speculate too much before the colonoscopy and whatever it is I hope your treatment will heal it soon.