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Does this sound like Crohns?

I’ve always had IBS, and a bunch of autoimmune problems, rashes, raynaud’s, joint pain, fatigue etc but the digestive symptoms got much worse when my youngest brought home a few stomach bugs from daycare as a toddler.

I get multiple sore areas in my digestive system, that I think are ulcers, since they’re exacerbated by coffee and spicy foods. During this phase I get a lot of weird rashes, hives, and acne too. Then it progresses to not being able to digest fats, then yellow stools and diarrhea that will not go away until I take oregano oil which I took in a last ditch effort to avoid going to the ER and a huge medical bill. So, I take oregano oil, diarrhea magically goes away, I tend to also buckle down on diet, and I heal until it happens again.

These flares used to be months apart, and go fast like I’d get a sore spot, then have diarrhea less than a week later. I thought it was SIBO, and that I had overcome it with largely a gluten free, dairy free, low nickel diet. This time it’s been a couple of years since I‘ve had it, and I’ve had the sore spots, along with new food sensitivities and rashes for months before getting the diarrhea, so I’m starting to think maybe it’s Crohns.

I’m really not sure if I want to go through the hassle of getting diagnosed, at this point I have it pretty well under control, though I may need to look into it in the future should the oregano ever stop working, but I‘m curious if this is a common experience, as I was led to believe by my doctor that bloody stool and fevers, neither of which I have ever had, were more of the hallmark symptoms.

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Bloody stool and fever are not necessary to have crohns
My child had neither and still was dx with crohns
See a Gi and go from there
You can go by symptoms
It can only be determined by the combination of bloodwork , imaging and scopes

even if it is crohns
You can’t tell how controlled it is with bloodwork /imaging/scopes
Symptoms on the outside are not indicative of damage found on the inside .

ibs doesn’t cause damage to the intestine.
Crohns and UC does cause damage to the intestine .