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Does this sound right?

So I went through this 2 week period a few years back where I had looser mucus stools for about 2 weeks with no other symptoms. Since then I frequently would have looser stools but I thought it was probably from having my gallbladder out or maybe just a change in bowel habits after having babies. My Dr eventually insisted on the Prometheus blood test came back positive for UC while I was pregnant with my baby in 2015. Since positive test I have had a few episode where I will be stuck in the toilet for a few hours if i I ate bad that day or days before ( fatty foods, way over ate, caffeine, etc). Probably about 4 times a year I will get this pain on my right side near my back from about my lower rib cage down to my hip area. Really bad pains like I am getting sick and the urge to have a bowel movement but nothing ever comes. These will last anywhere from 12 hours to 48hours. Sometime my stomach is tender afterward. So i am not sure if these are uc symptoms or not. Colonoscopy looked completely normal. But my gastro totally believes these labs. UC sounds so intense and long lasting and my episodes seems so short lived. Anyone else have these tests or similar symptoms?

Lady Organic

Staff member
Ask for a calprotectine stool test to measure inflammation. When you have a bowel episode take a sample. Of course colonoscopy is the best tool, but it is difficult to get it in time of a bowel episode sometimes when the episode are cyclic. if you cant have a colonoscopy during that episode at least have the calpro test. This will give a good idea if there is inflammation in your colon. A Dr cannot diagnose a disease without proof of it, and a blood test is not enough. calpro test is a starting indication and colonoscopy is needed or other imagery testing are needed for a diagnosis. good luck.