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Done with Humira, when can I start Cimzia?

My Butt Hurts

So, I would be due for my next Humira injection this Friday (today is Wednesday) but I'm stopping it to take CImzia. I just got a call from the visiting nurse to schedule my first Cimzia injections.
How long needs to pass before starting Cimzia?
Shouldn't Humira be out of my system first?
I'm sure it's not completely out before my next shots are usually given.
I'm sure someone knows the answer, but I'm not sure who. The Cimzia people probably don't know, the Humira people probably don't know, I'm not even sure if my GI doc knows. Pharmacy people are usually good with that stuff, but I don't get Humira or Cimzia through my regular pharmacy.
I don't think just taking my chances is a good idea.
Any guesses? Or better yet - anybody really know??
I'd hazard a guess at whenever you are due for your next humira, you could start Cimzia... I had to wait for my next Remicade due date before I could start Humira... just a guess though.
Yeah, I'd lean towards what's been said, that you wouldn't want to get worse by letting a med fully exit the system (if that would in fact make you worse) but I'm no GI....I would think your GI SHOULD know, if not, one of the pharmacists SHOULD know, you shouldn't be left to fend for yourself with missing info like this.

The visiting nurse (the one who injects you) should know this, they have to get trained in the medicine, as well as the injection. The nurse who does me (wow, that can be taken another way) says she has done Humira too, so if I were in your position, I'd have to guess she'd know the wait period. But, in reality I'd be putting pressure on my GI, he's the one who would have made the switch, he/she ought to know exactly this kind of info if they are to be prescribing the said medications.

Best of luck, no butt hurting hopefully.

My Butt Hurts

Way to stay on top of that Kim.

SO - who wants to know how Cimzia is working for me??
Well forget it, I was denied Cimzia too!

Yup - I'm pissed. 2 weeks ago I was denied the double Humira dose.
The visiting nurse just called yesterday to schedule my Cimzia injections, I called her today and wanted to make sure that I was covered before she came. I called my insurance just to be double sure, thinking - if she has my number already I MUST be approved right??
She read the letter to me that I haven't gotten in the mail yet. Something about hasn't tried Remicade yet - yadda yadda. Why do they get to oick the one out of the 3 that I wanted to try last? Hellooooo, I HAVE insurance and can't even get medications. Grrrrrr.

Scary though, for some reason the nurse told me that she had to do a conference call to learn how to do the Cimzia injections. Conference call training? Eek.

My Butt Hurts

Don't know. GI appointment tomorrow.
I'm still waiting for Imuran to kick in. Week 2 I think. Still on pred, 30 mg.
I don't know if he'll want to fill out the appeal forms for Cimzia or Humira or just go to Remicade. Still, there's hope I guess, but it's just taking too long.
My son's soccer practice is SO far from the bathrooms!

My Butt Hurts

I can't believe I fell for it twice!
I probably should try Remi. So many people have had good results for a long time with it, it just freaks me out. (wiggles nose like a mouse)

My GI doc was SO pissed today, (he knew the Humira got denied, but just found out about the Cimzia today) he's going to call the medical director first thing on Monday and appeal right over the phone. I told the secretery "I think that guy's gonna need his own colo-rectal surgeon when my doc is done with him!" Get it? He's gonna rip him a new a-hole. Ha!

He sent me for a blood test to see if we can up my Imuran dose, wants me to taper down to 20 mg of pred and stay there until we get somthing done with the appeal, said I could take rowasa enemas if I want for the bleeding, but they usually don't stay where they're supposed to, if you know what I mean. Funny, today was the best day I've had in a while. 3 poops in the morning, NONE at work, well, 4:00 - right before I left for my appointment, but none interrupting work. None since. Almost bedtime. Oh, could I just sleep through the night now??
That's quite dumb, Remicade costs a good bit more from what I understand (unless Cimzia is so new it is more, but Cimzia's still human DNA, not mice), since they could give 2 sh*ts about anything but money, I'm doing this:


My Butt Hurts

BWS1982 said:
That's quite dumb, Remicade costs a good bit more from what I understand (unless Cimzia is so new it is more, but Cimzia's still human DNA, not mice), since they could give 2 sh*ts about anything but money, I'm doing this:

Benson, when you typed 2 sh*ts, did you mean to write "shots"? You can say shots here without getting in trouble.

My Butt Hurts

PLUS, this is a new insurance company since January, and I doubt they even KNOW if I have tried Remicade before. They wouldn't really go back in my records from years ago would they? Or do they even have access to what I've taken in the past?
Anyways - the only thing I can think of is because the Remi is spread out over 8 weeks, and the Humira is every 2 weeks, I guess the Remi may be less expensive after all. But STILL, my DOCTOR knows what's best for me - not them.
I'm typing up my appeal today or tomorrow. Maybe I'll post it here just for fun.
I think that when the doctors send through for approval, they have to include a brief history and a reasoning behind why they're requesting what they're requesting, but I'm not sure.


Hi. I am suffering with Ulcerative Colitis. I am currenlty taking Humira. I just started. I was on Remicade but that did not work for me along with a list of other medications. I was just wanting to see how similar some of your conditions are to mine. Its hard to find people to talk to that are experiencing the same things.


MBH, why are you afraid to try Remicade? From my experience between humira and remicade, I found that the remicade made me feel better within just a few days and put me in remission for 3 years...the humira I've been on for about 2 months now and the improvement is very slow going...

My Butt Hurts

Hey aquagirl -
The reactions that some people have to Remi have just freaked me out, but it doesn't matter because that's the only one my insurance will let me have right now. I started on November 10th.
Hope Humira starts kickin in better for you.