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Don't know what to do other than have surgery!!!

i am only 20 years old and about a year ago I was told I had moderate uc well recently I had a flare up and have been at the ER three times trying to get this flare under control. At first they put me on 20 mg of prednisone and start to cut back a little everyday, when that didn't work my gastro doctor put me on 40 mg a day, once again when that didn't work I am put to 60 mg and I still haven't stopped bleeding or pain. I am very worried I am going to have to have surgery to fix the problem but that is the last option.
Sorry to hear you are struggling with a UC flare. Has your doctor suggested any other meds like biologics? If not it would be worth seeking an opinion from another doctor as there are definitely more meds that you can try besides steroids before moving to surgery.

Best of luck!

Lady Organic

Staff member
when did you start 60mg of prednisone? are you currently on other drugs for the UC and which one were you on before the flare started?

how many bloody/mucus bowel mouvements do you have in 24 Hours?