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Don't know what to do

My GI has recently recommended surgery for me because I have two strictures that begin about 4cm above the terminal ileum. The passage there is now so small he cannot get a pediatric scope through. Since my crohns is confined to that area and we now (finally) have it in remission with Entyvio he thinks that I would benefit and feel better if those strictures were removed. I am finally feeling good for the first time in a long time and worried about messing with anything.

After talking with the surgeon I'm even more undecided. He said there is a chance he cannot reconnect the Ileum and cannot say for sure but may have to do a ileocaecal resection which scares me even more. I see that with this procedure there is a possibility of bile acid malabsorption and also read that I might be at risk for other changes in my digestion. All the surgeon seems to think I would have as a possibility is needing B12 shots which is no big deal but having to deal with bacterial overgrowth or bile acid malabsorption is another issue. Surprisingly, my Crohn's doesn't give me bad digestive symptoms when flaring, just big pain. With Entyvio I now seem to be OK pain-wise so really hesitant on introducing possible new complications.

I may need surgery eventually for the stricture and I don't want that to happen in emergency situation when I have blockage, but I also don't want to bring myself new challenges to deal with on top of keeping Crohn's under control with medication. I don't feel there is a right decision here so it is tough. My doctor seems to think getting it removed will make me feel better and with medication I have a chance of not having any issues again. But, from what I read - there is a chance I might have issues because of an ileocaecal resection. Any insights from someone who has been through a similar procedure very appreciated. Thank you!