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Dont know where to start!

I havent thought about my diet much since being diagnosed. I have realised some foods make me ill (spicy food and pineapple in particular) and I try to avoid them, which I find really difficult. I know I need to change my diet but for some reason I havent been able to implement any changes. I feel bloated all the time but I continue to eat (which is probably why my weight doesnt drop). I know I shouldnt but I cant seem to help myself. When im flaring I get really down and so I eat!

Last time I saw my doctor he suggested I follow a low fat, low fibre diet but I have no idea where to start or whether that is the best thing to do - has anyone else had good results with this? And where did you start?

How do you all cope having to make big changes in your diet?

I feel the same as you. I can be in terrible pain, like today for instance. I still couldn't keep myself from the leftover roast and potatoes and carrots I made for dinner yesterday. I don't know what's wrong with me. I mean I am hurting, I'm not even really that hungry, but I still eat. What the hell. I am terrible about eating the right foods. I have cut down on some, like nuts and popcorn, but I will indulge in salad and raw veggies and other things that I know will cause problems. I just can't help myself. I LOVE FOOD!!!
I mainly stick to low residue (which is similar to a low fibre diet) and I noticed a huge difference in symptoms, specifically bloating, gas and general uncomfyness. If I eat anything I *really* shouldn't I get terrible pain very soon after (bad enough that I struggle to stand or walk till painkillers kick in). It's amazing how quickly you adjust when you have the threat of that hanging over you! Though it does help that I can still eat small amounts of sweets or chocolate etc, it's all the healthy stuff I had to cut out!

Starting out, check out these guidelines www.crohnsforum.com/wiki/low-residue-diet if you get an improvement in your symptoms you can try small amounts of forbidden foods and see how you go.
maybe have a good chat with a nutritionist because crohns is different with everyone...if it doesnt feel rigth when you eat it then don't eat it...i've had this disease for 5 years and im only really sticking to safe foods the last month or so...its a real pain in the ass i know but it has to be done... treat yourself the odd time but at the end of day your health is your wealth...im jus sick of being sick every few months...
Julie - I am exactly the same as you! I am currently sat at work eating lunch - but im not even that hungry! I love food too and dont want to have to give up things I like!!

My doctor did mention he could refer me to a nutritionist so I might ask him for the referral. I know I need to make a change but im finding it really hard. I almost feel like im giving into the stupid disease by changing my ways - stupid to think like that I know!

I am fed up of being ill though so I guess I havent got much choice! Like i said before, there are some foods im staying away from but I just generally feel crappy all the time so its hard to know which foods are making me feel like that. I feel like I need to restart my body. When I get bad I always think if I could just not eat for a week or two and let my body have a rest I would feel better!! Does that make sense?!?!

anyway, sorry for the moan - just fed up with it all at the moment!

You could always ask if you can be prescribed a liquid food for a few weeks to clear your system and add foods back in gradually, then you'll know exactly what to avoid.
I almost feel like im giving into the stupid disease by changing my ways - stupid to think like that I know!

I know exactly what you mean! Why should I have to change my life for a dumb disease...grrrrr...it makes me mad. I'm contemplating trying the anti-candida diet to cleanse my system and see if the Candida bacteria is the cause of all this. It's basically just mean and some vegetables from what I understand. My problem is also that I love food--and didn't really realize how much until I couldn't have certain things. Even with how much I want to get in control of things I keep thinking "well maybe I can wait until after Christmas" :)
[QUOTE="well maybe I can wait until after Christmas" :)[/QUOTE]

This is what I keep thinking too!! I even said to my boyfriend the other day that im thinking of sorting my diet out but might leave it till after Christmas! Always putting it off - suppose I should just take the plunge and make the changes!

Glad im not the only one who thinks like this!!! :)

What bothers me the most is that eating to keep my symptoms at bay means going against all that eating for optimal health suggests. I want to eat my raw fruits and veggies, beans, high fiber, but if I stuck to that sort of diet now, I'd most certainly be in so much pain that I couldn't function. How am I supposed to provide a good example to my children when I cannot eat the foods I'm trying to teach them to eat to be healthy. This literally sucks. It really does make me angry.
I was diagnosed and released from hospital just a few weeks ago. Since then, I've been on a high protein, low fibre diet. At first I thought not being able to eat whole wheat breads and pastas (only white!) would be torture, but it's worth it to be able to feel ok and go to the bathroom semi-normally. Plus, it beats the heck out of hospital food! I haven't eaten a fresh vegetable in weeks... they all have to be peeled, cooked and pureed into soup. I eat 2 eggs and cheese at breakfast, which I'd never do before. I feel like I'm eating so much but I'm actually losing weight. I guess because the diet is relatively low fat and it's fresh, nutritious food. I eat fish every lunch, which is also a big change for me, being a vegetarian. Previously I'd only eat fish as a last resort on holiday, but my docs said that I need it. Luckily, I live on an island so it's accessible. Now I'm just learning how to cook it, and what kinds I like.
I do slip in the odd bit of chocolate instead of gelatin. Also, my afternoon snack can be a banana, an avocado, or sponge cake. So most days I eat the cake! I seemed a bit odd to me, but I wasn't going to argue with cake. Plus I substitute the oil for applesauce so it's a bit healthier.
I still do have my old favourite munchies in the cupboards from before I got sick. To me, it's just not worth feeling horrible. And what I can eat is much better than hospital food.
I'd recommend giving the nutritionist at try and just hearing them out. I'd never eat this diet before, but I am getting much better following it. It's just taking time to learn to cook new things and finding things and ways to cook that I like. Once I finally am given the ok to eat more things, I might end up sticking to what I've been eating since it's going ok.
Good luck!
I am at a disadvantage here as I really hate food! Julie and Vickiec1984, I don't know how you do it. I look at food and see the devil waiting to cause me pain and make me poop my pants!! Perhaps somehow we can combine our attitudes and become "normals"? HA!
I've had crohns for about 10 years and still am not sure of exactly what I should be doing, but I have learned a couple things. First is to avoid peanuts and popcorn like the plague, they just do not digest well. Now I really focus on eating lots of proteins, so basically lots of meat. I will only eat small amounts of fruit and vegetables at a time. To make up for this I take a multi-vitamin. I don't restrict myself from soda and juice, but for me I drink mostly water and milk with the occasional soft drink here and there. Foods with real high sugar content are also eaten in moderation. Also, I eat about 5 smaller meals a day instead of 3 big meals at a time. But as you'll see everyone is different so you'll have to do some trial and error to see what works.
Thank you so much everyone! Its interesting to hear what works for everyone. People in my life are always going on about how I should eat more fruit and veg cos its 'good for you' and they dont really understand that I would love to eat nothing but fruit - but unfotunately it just doesnt agree with me at all!! I find it hard to get it straight in my head that things that you normally think are good for you just arnt good for me!

I havent been well lately - went to see my consultant today and I have to go for some tests tomorrow and then see him again next week. I didnt get a chance to ask about seeing a nutritionist today but will ask him next week. I think its the best way for me to figure how to start making changes.

Thanks so much everyone!

Good luck with seeing a nutritionist, everytime I see someone at hospital I request an appointment with the dietician, she introduced herself to me when I was an inpatient and said she wanted to see me, so I kept food diaries and stuff. It's now been 6 months since I was discharged, and I still haven't seen her!