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Dosage of 6mp

My daughter who is almost 18 has been on a daily dose of 50mg of 6mp since she was diagnosed with Crohn's aged 14. She has recently transferred from the paediatric team to the adult gastro team. When we saw the consultant last week she said she would like to reduce the dose to 25mg per day as she is on Infliximab as well. I am finding it so difficult to find a pharmacy that can get these tablets, I have tried 3 already and they all say they can't get them! It's so frustrating. One of them suggested cutting the 50mg tablets in half to get a 25mg dose - I'm not sure that's the answer. Is anyone else on 25mg tablets and have you had problems getting them? We're in the UK. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Ds was on 6-mp for a while and due to his age (7 at the time )
We had to cut tablets
Standard pill cut will cut the tablets in half
At one point he was on 6-mp and allopurinol and had a dose of 12.5 mg of 6-mp so I had to cut them in 1/4

It's pretty common to cut 6-mp pills
Good luck


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My daughter is on Imuran (very similar to 6MP), but we also have to cut pills. Right now we have to cut one in half, but we have also had to cut them in quarters - that is harder, because they sometimes crumble, but still possible. We got a pill cutter (from a pharmacy) but a knife also works.
Thanks very much for the replies everyone. I saw my usual pharmacist - it was a locum the other day - and she was certain it was fine to cut them in half. So I bought a pill cutter and all is well! I just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. Thanks again :thumright:
I was told by some nurses, the doctor ánd the people at the pharmacy, that it is quite important to let the person taking the pills cut (or back, they're fairly easy to break) themselves! As it's cytostatic medication. (although I think it would be ok if you just wash your hand very well afterwards, but that's just my opinion :tongue: ).

ETA: Oh, I see you bought a pill cutter, even better! Never mind my post then :thumright: