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Double colonoscopy prep? Shout out to those prepping in the next few days...

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone else has had to do a double prep ?( 4x pico salax over 2 days).
I am up to 3x molaxole (macrogol) sachets a day now.

Really not looking forward to it. I am really thankful I have managed to buy a large pack of toilet paper so think I am prepared...

Thinking of all those having to prep in the next few days.

Am slightly cranky as I am not hopeful that there will be any thing found - although they say that is the best outcome i am not so sure.
Hoping for something easily 'fixable' Ha - and nothing 'bad'
Anyway - fingers crossed!
I am travelling tomorrow and then starting prep on Thurs. More prep Fri and colonoscopy late on Fri.

Trying to keep positive - any tips on how to keep positive?



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My daughter recently had a follow up colonoscopy. She prepped Sunday and Monday and had scope on Tuesday. That was the first time she had to do two days of prepping. She was allowed to eat a few things on Sunday but nothing but clears all day Monday.

btdt on the hope they find something but hope they don’t. Answers are tough but at least they are answers. You deal with the blow and have a plan. Finding nothing means you still suffer and have no plan. But honestly you really don’t want them to find anything.

positivity? Well just be grateful that the scopes are happening, concentrate on prepping well and hope they get a good look. At this point we usually just try to relax and just say,”what will happen, will happen” and control the thing we can....prepping! Drink lots and lots of fluid and when you are sure you drank enough, drink more. It is key to cleaning you out and giving the docs the best view possible.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the reply.

Have started the prep. I had the first dose at 7am and ended up going back to bed and sleeping till 10.30 . Things didn't happen till 11, so at least I kind of got a sleep in.

I am really greatful that this scope is happening. Thanks for reminding me:)
I know that there are people all over the world who are missing out on healthcare because of this pandemic - among all the other ways people are being badly affected by it.
So - I survived the prep and have just got back home from travelling for it. because of travelling and prep time and not being able to drive after the procedure ( not that I'd want to) and then travelling home again it was a five day...adventure. And the scope went fine - the specialist popped in to see me in recovery. Scope was clear. Biopsys back in 2 weeks - does not expect anything to show on them. He said to stay on the molaxole 2-3 sachets as the psyllium 'may not agree with me because I am low fodmap ish' he hopes the prep will 'reset' the bowel, and to email if there are any problems.
I am a little downhearted at staying on the molaxole without a defined cause. I do have pain again - but have put that down to having the scopes for now.
The last few days have been pretty busy and I am quite tired. My Mum is having surgery tomorrow, and my mother in law is visiting this weekend.
So for now I am going to 'park' this problem. Wait till the results come back, body has had time to get over scopes and prep and all the life stuff for the next 2 weeks.
I don't have the energy to problem solve and to advocate for myself right now -but my hair is falling out again (I get telogen effluvium of unknown cause) and another mouth ulcer ( having them about once a fortnight at the moment), so I know that something is not right - I am thinking small bowel but who knows.
At this point am over it. Feeling cranky and trying not to grump at the kids or Husband. Trying to be positive that nothing was found. Also trying not to cry.
Hoping to get some decent sleep and a new day tomorrow.

Cross-stitch gal

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Just wanted to let you know that I've been there with the frustration. Sad to hear that nothing was found, but also thankful too. Afraid best thing I can do is send you lots of hugs right now. Please keep us updated. 🤗


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Oh man! Sorry you are no closer to answers and have so many other things going on.

I think making the next two weeks to get things together and trying not to think about things is a good idea. Regroup and then you will be stronger to continue the journey.

I am glad you mentioned the small bowel because that is the first thingI thought of when I read your post. The colon looks goodso it is time to look at the small bowel. Maybe when you go over biopsy results with your GI you can ask about anMRE.
Thankyou for your replies Cross-stitch gal and crohnsinct. Mum has just come out of recovery from her surgery and is awake and talking so that is a big weight off my mind. I have spent the day vacuuming and cooking, keeping busy to take my mind off Mums surgery - using up random veg from the fridge that needed using and starting to corral a house which had kids and husband on the loose for 5 days. I also managed a walk too - trying to take care of myself. Though I would have preferred a nap! Thanks for the hugs too.

Although we are far apart it is so helpful to have others walk this path with me. I really appreciate the encouragement and support. - It does help me feel more able to regroup another day. (Though I am a bit over picking myself up and carrying on. Not that there is really any other option...)I do keep my family in the loop - and grump to them sometimes, but they really have no frame of reference for the GI stuff at least.

I am in an odd mood - pondering the practicality of keeping trying to carry on with my dream ( starting a charity/social enterprise) or whether it is better to focus on being Mum, house keeper and eating and exercising ( and pooping successfully). At this point the dream is reasonably compromised anyway - I have had to adapt it so much to funding available, my abilities and capacity, and so many offers of help and funding which have all fallen through because of one reason or another outside their control. With the lack of progress with above, and the GI stuff and the body changes and damage because of childbirth and rearing, some days i do wonder if there is any of the real me left.

On a brighter note - I have been having my Thiamine and magnesium after the colonoscopy and have started to feel a little better - less leg pain. I have just bought some benfotiamine (a different form of thiamine) online which I have been meaning to do for ages, in the hope that it is easier to absorb. Me having thiamine deficiency is another story. I don't drink alcohol, or tea or coffee. There are basically no easy to access people who know about it where I live ( or can travel to) and although I am gluten free which I understand doesn't help, the only other thing I can find out to be a cause ( other than genetics, which usually results in deafness - ie not me) is lack of absorbtion in the small bowel ( usually with bariatric surgery) or bacteria issues. I dont appear to have b12 deficiency. The test for it which is available to me is also really difficult to interpret/compare to overseas research because of the process they use here. Another puzzle for another day.

I have just realised I missed my evening does of Molaxole - so off to have that!

I do plan to keep updating. And am really greatful to be in a place where Mum and I can get the surgery and procedures we need at the moment.

Does anyone know any Thiamine gurus here on the Crohns forum?