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Double dose prescription

I've been taking Cimzia for more than the last year and a half. I had a recent colonoscopy that showed active CD in ileum. I've had flare up symptoms for nearly a year now. Doctor added Aza 5 mos ago to my cimzia and entocort cocktail.
New GI is the one who preformed the colonoscopy, and after the cytology results, wanted me to double my cimzia to 400mg every two weeks instead of 200mg every two weeks. My insurance is denying coverage because the dosage is outside "FDA dosage guidelines." I have exhausted all other antiTNFs and deciding how far to go with appeals to the insurance to get coverage versus going to entyvio instead. I prefer the self administration of the cimzia instead of infusions.
So my question is if anyone has taken the double dose? And did it help? Or at the very least were prescribed it ? Or have any knowledge about whether it significantly increases likelihood of side effects?
Thanks in advance for your replies :ysmile: