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Downside to Disability?

I have 25 year old son can't work and dropped out of school due to pain with Crohn's. He's on Remicade and no sign of active Crohn's but continuing in pain. He could try for SSI (Disability). Hasn't worked enough to qualify for SSD. Does anyone know the pros for filing for SSI and any cons? Does it look bad on your record if you can get off Disability that you went on it to begin with?
It generally takes a minimum of 2 years to get disability and you can expect to be turned down automatically for the first 2 rounds. Most people need to hire an attorney and go before a small panel in order to get approved. I have done this and have heard the exact same story from most people that were also on disability. Once approved, you do get reimbursed for the time since your first application, again, generally 2 years worth of back payment.
plan on 2 rejections, then you go for a hearing with a ss judge and a vocational counsler. most people hire lawyers. i did not and i won, but this is going back 20 yrs ago for another disability. due your due dilligence and embellishment only helps. its tricky, but it can be done. if not, lawyer probobly gets one third plus back pay
I applied for disability in March of 2012 on advise from my doctor. I hired a lawyer from the beginning (best idea ever). After a few months of providing medical documents, and interviews, I was approved the first time. So in all it took just a little over four months to get approved. I hope to not collect this forever, but at this time I can't work. I really did not think getting approved so quickley would happen, and was quite depressed about it. But when I received the call that I was approved, it made my year. I would try, and if you feel that paying for a lawyer for help is better (which I do) than waiting while you try to figure out how to fill out all the forms correctly. Just my general opinion though.