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dr does not know what to do with me of my symptoms

Been away awhile my progress from adhesions removal ok but the surgeon did not give me what he told me. I was to have a laprotomy but instead had a endoscopy, edhesions were found, was to have intestines removed and find fistula and have ostomy.
Did not feel great had pain in pelvic area and urethral area. I decided to go to er 4 days later. They found diverticulitis and scattered pockets with crohns.They surgeon said no fistula was found.
From then to now fistula progressed and feel really bad. my primary dr was rude she said will send you to get colon test, never heard from that office.
I got new dr in the same clinic, he was rude he was a (Med dr and shrink) and said not going to do anything for you.
I said why? You got your Laprotomy but nothing was there or fistula. I said what where did that come from?
Your surgeon report said so. The 3 drs are covering up and treating me badly possible to go else where so i wont get correct surgery, but they dont know of the records i got at ER they were different and hospital. I believe fraud.
They dont know of the diver problem its not in my personal chart.
The next day got updated 2021 all records and left.
I found another clinic but wont be active till Nov. i went a recent gyno and did not need a referral but wont happen till the 29 th of Nov. they put bad things in my chart of not in my right mind. My crohns has alway been in my pelvic region fisulas abcesses and I dont have proof 50 years dealt with due to dad was in military and ex husband no records. Had a retrovaginal fistula with crohns/cancer in 1990s, but local hosp does not keep records that far back. I did see a note disability till Dec. from my old primary dr.
Always in the wee hours with pain, I feel where the stool is going rerouted and have 2 spots fistulas. I get up watch tv and cry a bit go back to bed but get up by 7 am. Been doing since sept 13 surgery day.
Been up since 2 am and now it 5 45. I can feel this situation all the time. My partner is upset and he will help due legal matters if need be. my dis bility is up in march but my partner he said will move to monterey early will get better care for you. there is a crohns clinic there and lots of drs. i live in sonoma county calif not here for medi-cal.
well im going to bed till 7.
I hope to be better later take shower and try to know its not in your head! going to touch base with my counselor HE knows what go through.
until then,