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Dr won't return my call..scared and frustrated

Dr wants me to start Pentasa...my insurance won't cover it and I asked for a less expensive medicine...I have called 3 days in a row...today I left message saying I would take Pentasa even though I will have to charge it on my card but really just wanted to ask him a question...am I being unreasonable to think he should have returned my call after 3 days? Also he hasn't even explained why he wants me to take it....only positive test has been a high IgG Pill cam negative, fecal cal neg. ct scan negative. I'm very frustrated!
Thanks....guess I may just go ahead and take the Pentasa and hope for the best. I don't have an appointment with him until end of September....I just can't believe that I can't get a simple phone call! I'm afraid,and anxious...I did get my PC Doctor to give me some tranxene...that's helping a tiny bit!
It is not right that he is not returning your phone calls. I don't know if I can explain it correctly but Pentasa hits the surface of the disease.

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That's correct
Pentasa is like a team that only affects the surfaces of the intestine ( crohns affects all layers - UC just the top layer) and if inflammation has been reduced then sometimes in UC pentasa is enough to keep the inflammation down.

Have you checked out patient assistance programs or cards through the manufacturer
They can help reduce the cost of the copays sometimes

I would call again and tell the nurse that you are confused and need a response from the doctor . Ask the nurse when you could expect a response .