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Dream world

my little penguin

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So I asked DS tonight what his dream world would be like .
Note he is 8.
He stated he could play as much Wii, DS, and Itouch as he wanted and every game he liked would be there.
He also stated there would be as many legos as he wanted and could build all day. He could also go visit legoland as much as he wanted.:ylol2:

SO in other words NORMAL.:mario2::yoshijumpjoy::yoshijumpjoy:

Before he used to say it was a place he could eat whatever he wanted when his food allergies were really on his mind.

Good to see his IBD is not always on his mind.
Oh how cute mlp.
Yup it just goes to show you that kids think about anything but the problems of life.:dance:
Now someone tell me what magical age that changes at.:voodoo:

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