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Drink Water


Sports Crohnie
Just got back from GI. Endoscopy was normal...no more GERD. Colonoscopy looked great too...inflammation is now very mild (down from severe 18 mos ago). Better yet, Vit D back to normal and all other blood is good. What a journey to get here. Still on 6-mp indefinitely.

I still feel fatigued and doc says it's dehydration. Explains vision issues recently and inability to get out of bed in mornings.

Her advice...drink two large sports bottles of water a day, up to 2 liters total. That's a ton more than I usually drink. More if/when I'm flaring. More if I consume more than two glasses of caffeine or alcohol.

Thought I'd pass this good advice along.
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Thanks for the info Fen. It makes sense. I have recently given up all carbonated drinks (sugar free sodas basically) and started only drinking water. While I feel that this is better for my body - I do catch myself not drinking as much - because it isn't sweet. Sweet is the devil, I swear!!! I'll have to buckle down and try and drink more.

So glad everything looks great for you - I know you are h-a-p-py!!!
Great advice for all of us Fenway... I drink possibly way too much 4-6 litres per day... but I am sure it cleanses...

I should cut the carbonated drinks though - I'm a big fan of diet cola - at least an additional 2 litres per day...
:pop scurries off to insert IV line and hangs 4 liters of fluid: ;) :Tells hubby "but honey - I HAVE to sit at the computer (on the forum) all day long - it's the only place I have to hang my IV!!":


Sports Crohnie
Lishyloo said:
Great advice for all of us Fenway... I drink possibly way too much 4-6 litres per day... but I am sure it cleanses...

I should cut the carbonated drinks though - I'm a big fan of diet cola - at least an additional 2 litres per day...
The diet cola (if it's caffeinated) may actually be dehydrating you and offsetting the extra water you drink. Coupled with diarrhea and sharting, you could be less hydrated than you think.

I'll report back in a week.
yeh.. you are most likely right... my pee is the same colour as my poop in the mornings... just thought I'd share... damn I'm classy!
OMG Lishy really??? Girl - we are gonna be on you now. You KNOW that isn't healthy!! Unless you are pooping clear or slightly yellow watery poop (as in what your pee should look like!)- you need a rework on your drinking habits or your kidneys are gonna jump ship!


Sports Crohnie
Whoa, Lishy! That ain't good. Cut out the soda!! But do it slowly...caffeine withdrawal headaches suck.

Pop - I like missions!
ok - I promise...

I think part of the problem is the night sweats... so during the day it's nice and clear... then in the night I am waking up completely drenched - I never knew people could sweat so much! And then the morning pee is.. well.. brown... once I start drinking it clears again...

I am such a sexy girl! Poop, Sweat, Pee.... so lucky I'm already married becuase I think I'd seriously struggle to get a date the way I am now!
LOL you guys...You know, hydration is a huge issue with us. Because of the Pouch, I have to always always hydrate. I get one bad bout of "D" and I'm in the hospital for dehydration. G2 is a good source, its low in sugar--although the acid might bother some. And, there are some other ones out there--but, you drink these kinds of drinks for athletes and such...and boom, you'll feel better. Sue
I've found drinkin hydralite etc sometimes helps
has a diff taste too plain water to so breaks up the monotony
I had everyone gang up on me about the water thing when I was getting over the surgery. The homecare nurse, My GF, her Mom, My mom and anyone else you want to throw in there. Every time I start to back off now, I begin to pay for it.
Good news on all the tests Fen!!!! :) And good advice about the water. I KNOW I don't drink nearly enough, mostly because I end up peeing all the time. I wonder if you adjust over time if you keep drinking it and get used to the extra so don't pee so much?

I find drinking hot water when I feel like a hot drink helps a bit. Takes a bit of getting used to tho!!!
Yes, good news, and I drink plenty of water daily, with all the pills I take it's hard not to LOL...it really does help, with everything.



For hot drinks i have green or white tea (less caffine and tastes better i reckon than normal tea). Rooibos (red tea) is nice and caffine free.

I have no idea how much water i drink but its loads more than any of my mate i know


ele mental leprechaun
Fen great results!! Very pleased for you.

Yep water is the main thing we need. Currently with my elemental I am supposed to have 3litres elemental a day and then another 2-3 litres water on top with not eating!!

In general I manage a total of approx 4-5lts a day so not too bad I guess.

Trying to keep myself busy at the mo and distract my mind from the tummy rumbles due to no food. It will get better in a few days... just taking it one hour at a time at present.

My Butt Hurts

Astra101 said:
and Pentasa makes you dehydrated too, it says so on the leaflet in the box of em
Wow - never heard of that and I've been on Pentasa for years. Eek.

Fen - glad you're hearing some good things. I'm sure you updated somewhere about your cough, but I don't recall if it's better.

If people are having trouble with straight water, maybe you could try unsweetened Kool-Aid powder with Stevia. It's not bad at all.
Wow - Kool-Aid has come a long way - didn't realize they were using Stevia! Have to give that a try. Water can get pretty boring.

My Butt Hurts

No - I don't think they have that just yet. If you buy the unsweetened packets of Kool-Aid, most people add sugar. I used them with Stevia packets instead of adding sugar.


Punctuation Impaired
I haven't tried Stevia yet....Splenda messes with my gut. Let me know how it works or if anyone else out there has had problems with it.
Mmm, I *seem* to do ok with it - but I don't use a lot of it to begin with. I do ok with Splenda - but not with whatever that stuff is they put in the Sobe Life Waters - which is supposed to be more friendly to your gut - go figure!

Honestly - I'm trying to cut all the non-natural stuff out. Stevia is natural - so I will do that if I need to.


One Badass Dude
I've been drinking far less coffee. Some days I even do without. I'm drinking a bit more tea -- green and/or herbal teas like Yerba Mate.

I've never really been a soda person. Plain water works for me. Really top-notch tap water where I live.