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Drinking Epsom salt safe for crohn's?

I know drinking epsom salt has a laxative effect, but I think for my symptoms that might be a good thing! My Crohn's symptoms generally consist of severe cramping, pain, and gas. I also have minor bleeding gums, eczema and general skin sensitivity-- all of which I believe are linked to my Crohn's. I've done epsom salt soaks before, and it seems to me like an epsom drink would help relax my insides, but as I've learned-- what works great for normal people isn't always necessarily safe for crohn's folks!

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Hi and welcome. Personally, I would not drink this, but I have no other explanation than my gut feeling :).
For a natural approach to reduce inflammation, I would suggest IBD-AID diet in my signature... Its an anti-inflammatory diet, could be of some help. good luck!
Oh my goodness please do not drink saltwater. If you did, I hope you're feeling better after the inevitable pain you've experienced.

Actually, I advise that you take a look at this article. I have Crohn's and did this cleanse (including a parasite cleanse) and it was tough - but the benefits are incredible. Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate - not Salt and its function is to relax the muscles which will let your intestines and release toxins. My breathing and digestion are wayyyy better - and I personally relieved a lot of stones.

I know the Crohns medication did some damage to my other organs (gallbladder, liver, pancreas) so I stopped taking them a long time ago and maintain a plant-based diet with no gluten and it works very well for me -I also invest in naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine for my Crohns as well.



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I know drinking epsom salt has a laxative effect, but I think for my symptoms that might be a good thing!
No reason to believe that.

People with crohn's disease tend to have diarrhea when they flare.

Until we know if the diarrhea is a result of the flare, or the cause of the flare, I would stay away from anything that has a laxative effect.

We know the fecal stream in crohn's disease causes inflammation, stimulating a fecal stream is not something you want to do.

Eat things that are easily digestible and don't take any "bile salts", "herbs", "supplements" or other alternate medicine baloney that can cause diarrhea. It is just going to make things worse for you.
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