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Drug testing

I have failed two drug test positive for meth. I have never used meth or failed a drug test until I started taking Humira. Has anyone had this happen?

Lady Organic

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Do you talk about crystal meth or medications for ADHD (attention deficit disorder)?
metamfetamine can also be found in speed and ecstasy
Im not a drug and toxicology specialist but maybe a positive test could come from either illegal or pharmaceutical drugs such a Ritalin and the like.
according to :
Adalimumab (Humira)The metabolism of Metamfetamine can be increased when combined with Adalimumab.''
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hmm, that also depends on where and what kind of tests you did cause I know people who have also failed drug tests but they were completely clear, the problem was with the test itself. I mean, when you're doing the test at a center then you will probably have something as they may do something wrong.. That is why I don't trust them, and when I have to do a drug test I do it at home with tests from https://www.confirmbiosciences.com/products/urine-drug-test-dip-cards/urine-drug-test-dip-cards/. My doctor recommended them to me, so it is certified.
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