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Dry eyes/corneal abrasion and crohns

Ok, just was diagnosed with my 4th corneal abrasion in 2 years! Dr. Gave me the blessed numbing drops and a contact patch to ease the pain. Anyone else have these issues? I was supposed to use MURO 123 drops, but quit using and now I am paying for it.:( I have read that crohns can cause some eye problems, but wasn't sure about this. Anybody? Thanks!!!:rosette1: I was diagnosed with crohn's 1 1/2 years ago.

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Hi Sashawright
I feel your pain., having endured the similar eye problems.My eyelid stuck over the eye when sleeping and I had to have emergency treatment with the anaesthetic eye drops and the contact bandaid, what a relief that was.
I have to use the Muro 123 ointment at night and have found great relief from using the ointment
The drops did not give me the same results not nearly as soothing.
I also use Genteal eye drops during the day.
There have been a number of eye problems for me prior to the crohn's diagnosis.
Hoping these will go away with the current crohn's treatment---recently started Remicade, two doses so far next one in March.
This is my fourth year with crohn's.
It is about fifteen years since I had a uveitis and that was treated with steroids.
At that time I had been given a diagnosis of IBS and now realise it was likely IBD crohn's.
Uveitis is associated with crohn's.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes