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Dry eyes - need more info on Vit A defiency

Hey everyone - I am undiagnosed and have had eye pain.

I went to the optometrist today and was diagnosed with dry eyes. (both eyes)
She said I had a problem with both not enough tears and them draining too fast.
She has given me some drops, and said there are other drop options and that we can try Omega3 too. Also that I need to try and drink more water, as I might not be absorbing all I need.

I thought I was imagining the pain - so it is nice not to be imagining that - it might be part of the migraine thing I have going on at the mo - though she did mention the phrase 'eye chafing' which I winced at!!

I see on here that it can be related to Crohns ( though not necessarily) and also possibly vit A deficency. I was wondering if anyone knows more abut the vit A aspect of this, and if they ended up resolving it, or improving at least? I realise that vit A can be toxic, - is it relatively easy to test for?

Any info would be appreciated.
A note for those reading this post down the track. I now manage my occasional dry eyes with a supplement reccommended by my optometrist called thera tears which has a balance of vit e and omegas etc. I only take 1 tablet per day when managing the dryness although the reccommended dosage is 3.