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Dry, flaky fingertips

Don't know if it's a drug side effect or not, but it first started after my second infusion ( had three now. ) My fingertips - the pads - are all lined and dry, and they are cracking at the corners of the nails.
Does anyone know a good handcream that might help?

Crohn's Mom

Gab's doctor turned us on to a product called Vanicream. It's wonderful. You can buy it at any pharmacy here, but I'm not sure where you are. I know you can buy it online tho :)
Hi Helen
I have that as well but I'm not on the infusion, I was told it was a crohn's thing. I've tried many creams even cortisone one's and nothing much has helped me. It gets really bad at this time of year, so bad in fact that I have to wear plasters on cracks at the side of my fingers while folding clothes, my hubby says I look like I was trying to file my fingers with a cheese grater. The pads are also dry and I have to put cream on at night with moisturizing gloves to stop the pads from cracking. Look out for your nails cracking from the sides also. If you find anything that works for you let me know.
Gwen xxx
Ee, this blimmin disease :-( Yea, the pads are like sandpaper. I love to knit, but it's difficult with Edward Shredderhands!


I use LIPIKAR balm from la Roche-Posay for the crazy random dryness manifestations I get from humira/[insert medication of the day]. It is really good for psoriasis and eczema and very sensitive skin in general.It is pretty much "everything"-free. It really helps with itch and what not. I would suggest something like that plus putting glycerin or olive oil on your hand before you go to bed and then toss on some cotton glove and spend the night with them on if you can.
I don't know if La Roche is common in UK, here is the link in case:

I hope this helps :)
Ouch! Cracked skin is no fun. I don't know if this will be any good for you, but its worth a try :) whenever I get dry, cracking skin inbetween my fingers I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula concentrated hand cream (the unscented one) it works a charm. It comes out as a sort of ointment, and a little goes a loooong way.

I happened apon it years ago. I had really really bad contact dermatitis on my hands and up my arms (worked in a cafe and the constant hand washing and dishwasher chemicals did me no good). Tried loads of otc products eg atrixo (trust me on this one, do not buy anything like atrixo that is scented, hurts like a biatch! and in my case made things a lot worse). Finally I went to the drs and alongside a steroid ointment (eumovate) the Dr advised me to use the neutrogena. Out of all the hand creams I have ever used this is the best, and it lasts for a long time considering the size of the tube. It's not too pricey either, I think around £3 - £4.

Also the suggestion aboot putting on cream and then wearing gloves to bed is really worth a try.



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New York, USA
I like the Neutorgena too - also anything that is really thick with vitamin E (comes in tubs vs a tube here)...and Gold Bond cream is good too.

I used to get really bad cracks on my thumbs - would crack open and bleed - I try to keep my hands hydrated as much as possible -have hand cream in almost every room so I don't have to go out of my way to find some.
Avocado is really good too and completely natural if you rub a little of the flesh on your hands at night a little goes along way also tastes great .You will need to wear some gloves to stop it rubbing off all over your bed linen . Hope it helps .