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Dry skin and hair



dry skin and hair

Okay I have had Chron's disease for many years now and have remained in remession for a long time also. No surgery and no remicade in years. I am on colazal and mercaptopuine. I am 18 and male also.

Over the last year or so my skin and hair have gotten really dry. I have practicly no oil in my hair. I don't believe this is because of my meds because this hair/skin thing is more recent. Could this be a deficiancy caused my chron's or a thyroid problem? I had my thyroid check about a year and a half ago and it was fine then.

Suggestions would be appreaciated, thanks.
I don't know but I am having some bad dandruff which started when I started college in the fall. I think it was because I was only taking one shower a day instead of my usual two times a day and I have continued to take one shower a day. My skin is also very dry but I think that's weather and not drinking enough water.

How much water do you drink a day?

Also, welcome to the forums. I'm also 18 almost 19 and it is tuff sometimes with this disease. I wish you the best of luck to get your skin and hair problems under control.
I use Krill oil for dandruff and dry skin. My hands will still get dry in the coldest dead of winter, but not to the point of cracking like before. I also have to wash my hands a lot due to my work which dries them out.

My dandruff has not been a problem since taking this. Krill oil is also antiinflammatory and helps to keep the proper balance of Omega-3 fatty acids to Omega-6.

I originally took it for symptom control. Now I take it for the dry skin. There is no down side to using it. I get mine from Dr. Mercola's web-site.

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My whole life I have showered once a day and do now. And showering more often only makes things worse. On drinking more water I definatly need to and I am upping my intake a bit. I remember one time on some blood or urine test or something I had +1 protein in my uriine or something. But one problem is water my place is really hard and I thought it was the reason for everything and got a water filter for my shower but it seemed to work in the beginning then stopped. So I am waiting to change my water filter in te fridge befoe I attempt to drink more water in case. All these problems really started happening after I moved in my new place. I am really finding this odd because I do not know if this is environmental, diet, or b/c of chron's.

Anyone else got advice?


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It could be all of those, and some you may not have thought of.. like, what type of heating system does this place have? Electric or forced air heating systems can cause dry skin... or add to it. Personal hygiene habits or products can add to it. So can diet, exercise, and overall health. Talk to your GP, and your GI specialist, perhaps even consult with a dermatologist...


Hi, bathing products and shower gels can make your skin drier also. I don't use these types of products now because of the dry skin problems associated with them. You can get oils on prescription or over the counter to put in your bath or as a shower gel which are hypoallergenic and really help with the dry skin.
I have used Cetraben and Oilatum in the past and found them to be ok.