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Dry skin help

Recently I have noticed I have really dry skin, not just in some spots, but kinda everywhere. My face is dry, my arms are dry, my legs are dry, even my ears feel dry to me. No matter how much lotion I use, nothing seems to work. I am on Asacol, prozac, daily mutlivitamin, and birth control (the pill). I don't think it is any of the meds...does anyone have any idea why my skin is so dry? Also my hair has been super dry too...feels like straw to me. I have REALLY thick hair, can't really tell if it has thinned much as well...I think it would take a lot for you to notice. Anyway, some people have told me when you are sick it can show in your hair...do you think that is what is happening with my skin too?
It could be as simple as missing certain vitamins in your diet. Vitamin E would be a big one. Its possible you are having malabsorption of important vits. I think BC can cause dry skin too... but I could be completely off.
I have the same issue (well, not the thick hair) and my GI put me on a lotion called Lac-Hydrin 5. It's available over the counter and has helped me quite a bit. Now I just need to remember to put it on every morning after my shower...
Katie and Ghost - thanks! I will look into the cream and ask my ob/gyn about the pill I know it can dry out your eyes for sure.
This may sound obvious but I have this problem all the time and usually don't think about it:

Are you drinking enough water considering the extreme summer heat? It could be at least in part a matter of dehydration.


my friend has dry skin everywhere.. she has crohns disease aswell. she uses aqueus cream. she puts it on in the morning and night. before she goes out. when she gets in. she takes a small tub out with ehr to keep putting on her hands and face
Colt-I feel like I have actually been drinking a lot more water than I use to since having Crohn's. Maybe still dehydrated though due to diarrhea I guess is possible. I read too that taking too hot of baths/showers will do it too...I love a hot bath especially when I don't feel good.