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Dull Internal Ache Resection Recovery


I hope you are well or on the path to recovery. I had a bowel resection three weeks ago to the day. I had 30 cm of the terminal ileum and the cecum removed. (appendix was already gone.) I think I am doing fairly well with my recovery. I have my surgery follow-up in a few days, and I just wanted to clarify what I am experiencing and see if others have had similar experiences.

The incisions have healed nicely and are only slightly tender to the touch now. Currently, all that remains is a dull ache at the place where the intestines were joined. I was curious if others experienced this ache and how long that lasted. I am sure they will tell me healing takes time, and there might be inflammation from the surgery still there, which I know, but I am sure you all can understand being anxious to recover. The part that makes me anxious is how similar this pain feels to the pain before surgery. I did not have any active disease found, just what the surgeon called "extensive" scar tissue/adhesions. There is always that thought that it didn't work, no matter how irrational it might seem to others.

Just curious to hear what others have experienced in regard to this internal pain. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

BTW: Crohn's well managed on Remicade