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Dummy Question: It's his birthday... Can he eat cake?

Hey guys! hope you're all doing good.

I'm meeting a friend on the 18th of this month as he's across the country with work, it's his birthday the day before I see him and I'd love to get him some custom birthday cupcakes made for him. (manly ones, of course) :p

I'm concerned that cake might not be a good idea at all? His work over here is important, and I obviously don't want his Crohn's to flare up and cause him any trouble because of a silly mistake on my part. Are there any ingredients substitutes that might work better?

If cake is a no-go, are there any alternatives that you could recommend?

thank you so much in advance :)

Lady Organic

Staff member
Hi there, you are such a great friend:) Taking the time to register to this board and care about your friend this way is quite impressive :heart:
My advice is to ask directly your friend what he can or cant eat. Every patient is different and we all have different restrictions (and some dont have any restrictions at all as well).
happy celebrations!
That can be very individual since different food affect people differently if they are flaring. Most in remission are generally able to consume whatever they choose.

Also, some choose certain types of restrictive diets in an effort to control their disease activity. Alot of these diets cut out a majority of the ingredients for cakes. There are alternatives like nut flours etc but again that is dependent on the type of diet they may be following.

Maybe you could query those close to him and discover if he is employing a special diet or if his disease is not active at this time.
I had a co-worker send me a spice cake for Christmas. It was so thoughtful and I really appreciated the sentiment on the card. However, there were ingredients in the cake that I couldn't eat so I gave it away. Instead of a food based gift what about gift certificates to the movie theaters? Or(and this one I would have loved) a gift certificate for a massage with the sentiments of "you work so hard and we appreciate all you do, you deserve a relaxing massage!"
I agree with Lady Organic I would ask your friend if a small amount of cake is bothersome to him. Everyone is different with what they can eat and not have problems. I know I can have some cake and be just fine :) Best of luck!