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Duodenal Chron’s Symptoms

Anyone diagnosed with Duodenal Chron’s? If so, what symptoms have you experienced? It’s difficult to find others that suffer from this form of Chron’s. My daughter is undergoing work up. Currently iron deficient with Duodenitis and Gastritis found on biopsy; suggestive of Chron’s, Celiac, H-Pylori , etc. Biopsy wasn’t very conclusive. Colonoscopy normal. All labs for Chron’s and Celiac, infection, negative thus far. Awaiting IBD panel and MRE results. Current symptoms besides iron def, and duodenitis is that she experiences abdominal pain while and immediately after eating. Stomach cramps generalized over abdomen, no specific location, gas, bloating and needing to use the restroom after eating (no diarrhea or bloody stools). TIA for sharing your experience!