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Dyeing hair on Prednisone

I have naturally very thin hair and Pred makes me lose about 1/3 - 1/2 of it. I'm on 40mg a day at the moment to begin reducing by five every fortnight in a few weeks. My hair is naturally mouse brown and my ultimate goal is to at some point have blonde curly hair. I figure there'll never be a perfect time to dye my hair but I have clip in extensions which match my current hair colour and I'm wondering if dyeing my hair blonde could cause any problems whilst I'm on pred.

I would be using simple products to protect and strengthen my hair, and the dye would be Herbashine (semi-permanent and full of nutrients to make hair look thicker and feel stronger, I've used it before!).

If anyone knows any reason I shouldn't go for it in a few weeks, please speak now or forever hold your peace :thumright:

It's so nice to post on here about trivial things!!:biggrin:

Get well soon everyone x
Good question! I dye my hair and had never thought of this. I have quite a lot of hairfall, but have thick hair so it's not noticeable. Will be interested to hear if anyone's had any advice from a hairdresser.


Me, with my long hair, I will err on the side of caution. Get a hairdresser to test the colour on your hair first to see how it goes. It may cost you nothing, or maybe a fiver. Worth it.
I didnt know prednisolone caused hairloss. Would explain the state of my hairbrush lately!

I could be flippant and say if its falling out anyway, why not just go ahead and dye it... but having bleached my hair and seen it fall out before my eyes I understand that screaming panic moment. Best person to ask would be a hairdresser.

Good luck :)


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Prednisone isn't going to do anything when it comes to dying your hair. The main problem I see is that you want to go lighter. When you bleach your hair you'll likely lose a little more of your hair than when going darker (info came from my hair dresser). I have about the same natural hair color as you and my hair is very fine and I did lose some hair while on Prednisone but I was dying my hair black. So just remember that its not going to interact with the pred, just that when going lighter you will lose a little more hair.
I don't feel that pred will have any effect on your current hair situation. Many medications can effect your hair, but adding colour should not change the integrity of your hair for the worse. If you feel your hair is weaker than normal i would suggest a protein treatment, you can do this before your colour service and once a week after! I'm a hairstylist btw, have been for 11 yrs and i work with an international colour company. Just a bit of advice as well, if you have decided to do this colour on your own without getting it professionally done, be very careful. Going lighter with drugstore brands are pretty tricky, you may get some undesirable results....
I havent been diagnosed with Crohns yet but have been on Pred for over 6 years and have dyed my hair multiple times with no problems. I've ranged from 60mg to 5mg if that helps. Good luck.
I have been digosned with crohns last year and i wanna dye my hair color to bright red and im not in remission is it okay if it dye my hair .?
My hair was below my belt in my 20s. Solumedral and Prednisone definitely caused hair loss then. I braided mine up and cut it. Mailed off to Locks of Love. I figured if I can't have it, at least someone can.

Now I am almost 40 with short hair. Every steroid run it thins out, and it grows back again mostly after the steroids stop.

Each time it is a noticeable amount. With long hair I was cleaning the shower drain a lot. Short hair it is noticeable in the mirror, but not as dramatic.
I have dyed my hair on pred. Didn't seem any different. I already had lots of hair loss and the chemicals probably didn't help but they didn't seem to make it drastically worse.