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Ear/Mouth Pain?

hey guys, im back with another question :D

Recently, since about saturday, i woke up and what seems to be the back of my mouth/my ear area hurts whenever i bite down. Its not just a little pain, it does hurt quite a lot when i just move my jaw slightly, and the pain is in a really odd place.. like behind my ear/back of my mouth.

Anybody got any idea what it is, i know it most likely isn't linked with Crohn's, but I know you can help me out anyways. :)

Thanks, and incase i forget to say it later, Merry Christmas!



It could be so many things...any fever...sore throat?

I'd call your GP and let them take a look-see...always better to be safe...

Hope you feel better soon!


Naples, Florida
I agree with the above, have your doctor take a look. The first two things that come to mind for me are TMJ and a blocked/infected eustachian tube. I hope you feel better soon!