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Early signs - Crohn's coming back?

While on remission and blood tests being spaced out, what are some of the early signs of Crohn's coming back?
- Weight loss
- Stomach cramps
- Change in Poop frequency
- Tiredness

Anything else to keep any eye on?


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It really is personal to what your symptoms were when dx’d. Some people get pain others don’t. Some diarrhea and bleeding others constipation. But yep, the ones you listed and for my daughter we would add bleeding.

Hiw often are they doing blood and fecal labs? In remission our GI pulls fecal calprotectin every 8-12 weeks and blood work every 12 weeks so we would catch anything relatively quickly.
when I had Crohn's in my sigmoid colon: ....increased frequency....increased urgency......loose stools.....pain.....cramps......mucus.......blood.....fatigue....
but since they took away my sigmoid colon......those symptoms went away.

I have it now in my terminal ileum....no symptoms!!!!......but now I have there an stricture = intestinal blockage = cramps....more frequent and painful cramps......cramps that do not go away......vomiting.......cold sweating......REALLY painful cramps = ER
If your child isn't growing or gaining weight, that's also a sign.
Thanks for this one...It's easy to monitor weight...Height is little tricky...Manual measurement against the wall is always prone to errors. Maybe a good idea to get the growth plate tested...Don't remember the name of the test...will google up.

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Pediatrician well checks and Gi office typically track height and weight well enough to determine if there is an issue there for kids
My child stopped gaining (weight curve flat lined from age 5 to 7 ) he was dx at 7
No issues after that
He is 18 now


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Yes, I agree - as long as you're seeing your pediatrician and GI in-person regularly, they'll watch your kiddo's height and weight. Sometimes they will do an x-ray of the wrist to check bone age, but in general, first they monitor height and weight and see if your child is following his/her growth curve. For example, my daughter's weight was always around the 10th percentile (from when she was very young) and so when she lost quite a bit of weight and it was well under the 5th percentile, her GI was concerned.