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Eating out on the SCD Diet


So I'm giving the SCD diet another chance. The first was ten years ago when diagnosed and I really didn't give it enough of a chance (I was overwhelmed). I'm currently two weeks in and counting.

Anyway, I travel the US with my job, and have to eat out somewhat often. So far, finding food while eating out is tough! I don't always have the luxury of a planned meal or even restaurant.

So far I've had decent luck at a few BBQ joints. Last night i had a 1/2 chicken at a BBQ place along with some plain veggies. I pulled the skin off in case of some sugar or starch in the seasoning. May not be completely SCD compliant, but i have to accept close enough at times.

Anyway, any known meals at chain restaurants that are good SCD options? Or favorite restaurants anywhere in the US that are SCD friendly? Ideas welcome.

I'm thinking about possibly bringing along my own sauce and salad dressing. I know that chicken is usually not "legal" by the time it gets to a restaurant, but again, I just have to do the best I can do.



Most resturants will grill you up some chicken and steam some veggies if you just ask.

Tell them exactly what you're looking for.
We've had great success in able to order fish - grilled or broiled with olivel oil and no marinade or sauce. Also steaks grilled without marinade.

In-and-Out burgers have no additives and are SCD safe. Order the protein style w/o sauce and the burger is between lettuce. You can also make this a double patty. Don't recommend doing this regularly, but it's great in a pinch.

Also, made to order eggs cooked in olive oil.


I was also going to order steak because it usually just comes with vegetables on the side so all you would have to worry about is what they cooked it in/seasonings. Most seasonings are in fact legal, and allowed however but if you go to lower end restaurants you would have to be careful because spices including various seasonings in the same bottle can come with preservatives as well
I will second Outback. Just because it is on the GF menu does not make it safe, but they are one of the most aware restaurants when it comes to food. You can always ask for plain oil and vinegar for dressing. Olive oil and fresh squeezed lemons and salt is also good for dressing.

Try to stay away from fast food if possible. E has eaten grilled nuggets and a fruit bowl from Chick fil A without a problem, but I wouldn't make any fast food a regular habit. Almost any restaurant can offer you a salad or meat and safe veggies. Stick with those and don't try to play a guessing game about meals with sauces or breadings, etc.

I hope it goes great for you.

My wife found a free app that should help also. It's called HealthyOut.

You can choose a wide variety of dietary restrictions. It doesn't have SCD on it, but I chose the following options as a baseline-

Paleo + Gluten free + Lactose free

It seems to do pretty decent, although i think the lactose free option wipes out cheese, so I may deselect that one. The paleo option might also. I'm no expert on it, but understand that on the paleo diet you can have potatoes. but that should be easy enough to spot.

Anyway, it's giving me lots of meal ideas at a variety of restaurants.
Well, Matthew is in his 1 year anniversary of doing the SCD diet and we will do the blood work and he will swollow the pill camera next week. We do a lot of travel for his hockey and this is what works for us.
Before going to the restaurants I will call ahead to make sure they have fresh beef and make their patties themselves. I normally will request to talk with the manager for this important information. I will ask what their fresh vegetables are as well. Most bar restaurants will provide what we need.
Matthew will eat the following: 2 all beef patties with bacan, pepperjack cheese and extra crispy bacon. The side will be normall brocolli with pepperjack cheese and a side salad with no croutons. We let the manager know that he has crohn's disease and that the grill needs to be cleaned and not seasoning be added to his meal.
We stay away from the chicken because it's too hard to make sure it does not have any sugars.
Our Insurance Policy: (2) Digest Gold Premium Enzyme
just in case they did not listen well.
Restaurants: Texas Road House, Wendy's, Five Guys, Like I mentioned above most good burger places.