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Eating with pentasa

it says your suppoaed to eat with a small meal if upset stomach occurs and it does for me but problem is i dont eat 4 small meals a day i dont even eat 4 meals a day but ive started to because of this so ive just been taking it with my regular meals is it bad to eat alot with it? what do you guys do
Hi Jaedon,

Sorry you're having some trouble with the pentasa. How long have you been taking it? I had some trouble with upset stomach when I first started taking it in 2009, but it went away after a couple weeks, and I've been fine ever since.

I take 8 capsules a day, but not as recommended. :) My GI originally had me taking it 3 times a day (3 morning / 2 midday / 3 evening) -- but I always forgot to take the middle dose. I asked him if it was OK to go to 4 and 4 -- he said to give it a try, but if my symptoms increased, to go back to 3/2/3.

I've been fine with 4 and 4 -- I take 4 in the morning after breakfast, and then 4 before I go to bed.

But to be fair -- this is totally NOT how it is recommended, so please discuss with your GI before trying anything new with your dosing schedule!


My doctor told me I could take them all at once if needs be, but it can cause an upset stomach this way. I used to take 4 in morning 4 at night with breakfast and then a banana or bag of crisps at night.

You just need something little to line your stomach with these pills, it doesnt have to be a meal
Ive been taking 2 at a time throughout the day just whenever I eat I take 2 and I've been on it for about a month now