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ED? Nothing helps, stopping humira-remicade next

My 18 year old has been on humira a month and has vertigo, fatigue and headaches (one was a 9 out of 10) worse than the UC. It's been a year since the diagnosis and nothing has helped.
She starts college in the fall and isn't looking forward to living like this.
We tried all the diets except Elemental. Anyone have success with it?


Is the Humira causing those or she has those in addition to UC? A month on Humira is not enough time to tell if its working. I think the 3 month mark is a good time to make that decision.

As for the elemental diet it is extremely successful but the problem usually returns after stopping it and one can't be on the elemental diet forever.


Has she tried other biologics like Remicade or Cimzia? Just because she isn't doing well on Humira doesn't mean she won't on the others. What is the doctor saying or recommending?


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Must say that I didn't get on with humira and actually I've been on EN for about 12 years now. I do eat bland food, but still have issues with crohns. I have had a lot of intestine removed though, still got strictures with ulcerations and bleeding. Think EN works best if provided early on and perhaps before surgery.

good luck though and I hope your health improves. Most of us know how difficult life can be with crohns, I hope she manages to study.