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Edema , or Oedema, or Odema :¬) and back pain

Good Morning Folks,

I am 45 and live in S/W Scotland in the UK.
I get a bad flare about once every year or so these last few years.
The last two flares i have had though i have noticed i have also been suffering from Edema swollen/swelling in my legs below the knee on both legs
and also swollen ankles and feet. sometimes it gets so bad i cantr get my shoes or tighter leg jeans on.
i have been tested by cardiology for heart issues and congestive heart failure but my heart is very strong without any issues.
I have also been tested thouroughly by Nephrology dept for kidney problems and function and that is also fine.
my liver function is fine and i have also been tested for varicous vains and venous insufficiency but that came back fine too.

i have also been getting terrible mid and lower backache too which can be so painful that it stops me being bale to sleep some nights.
this means i am having to work the next day having had next to no sleep at all which isnt ideal and you can imagine!.

has anyone else suffered from these two symptoms (edema swelling and mid/lower backache).

any help you Guys can give would be gratefully received i can tell you!!.

many thanks everyone

Andrew in Dumfries Scotland.
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