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Education for smokers.

This is for all those out there that like myself can't throw those cigg's away.

I'm sure all of your doctors have told you that cigg's/nicotine are bad, and can cause, make flare ups worse. I'm sure for some of you, they also prescribed the patch or other things and had absolutely no problems with that, even up to keeping a running prescription after you run through the lowering dose levels.

Now, shouldn't that raise some eyebrows ? Those scrips are in themselves nicotine. Now lets look at how nicotine interacts with the digestive tract. Answer, it really doesn't, your liver does the dirty work. For those of you on E-cigg's or the patch or other things, this won't effect you at all. For others it may educate.

Smoking filtered cigg's has been around a long time and didn't cause all the health concerns they do today, they were actually considered healthier than snuff ( chewing tobacco ) and pipes.

So what changed ? Answer, not the tobacco, it was the FDA and what they allowed tobacco companies to add as fillers and chemicals pre wash. This is the real reason we saw rising health concern issues, they just don't want you to know that. For years there was a way around this, order your cigg's from a country with very strict laws pre wash and on fillers, like Sweden. This has been taken away as an option due to "tax" concerns, though even if you offer to pay the taxes that are missing, one, they are more than if state and federal taxes had been added in the first place and two, they will not allow a continued pattern of ordering them.

Answer to this of course is hand rolling, they can't stop you. All you need to do is educate yourself on the companies you are buying your tobacco from are allowing as chemicals pre wash, same on the companies that make the filters you buy ( you breath through those filters, this matters ), fillers not so much as when buying straight tobacco, if there are any there this becomes quickly apparent. Cigg tobacco is more finally chopped than if you order the tobacco you hand roll, so no in store bought cigg's it is not easily apparent.

Once you find two companies that you trust their process, just order their products and hand roll. Not saying you should smoke, or that its healthy even this way, but it is 99% more healthy than picking up a pack of cigg's from a store.

The FDA is not the friend to common people they would have you believe they are. I was a Chef, this also applies to food.

Not encouraging anyone to smoke, this is for those out there like me that know they won't stop anyways.