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Eek - rash from Humira?

Hi everyone,

I started on Humira seven weeks ago and I'm wondering if anyone else has developed strange rashes since taking it.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a pink patch on my left eyelid - it's now spread across the whole eyelid and I've got a small patch beginning on my left. It stings sometimes but is more irritating to my vanity than anything else at this stage.

Asked my pharmacist and she said probably allergies but I'm not convinced she knows very much about Humira. I don't normally get skin allergies (hayfever is another story) and I haven't changed any of the products I use on my face. I haven't tried any creams on it yet to calm it down but will get something in the next couple of days as I'm starting to get scared by my reflection. The pink-eyed lady look is not a good one.

Has anyone else developed skin issues while on Humira? Any advice?

Hope it's a good day where you are.
My advice is to call your doctor immediately and do not use Humira again until you have spoken with him.

If the rash spreads significantly, you develop any that look like targets with a bulls eye center, you start running a fever I strongly suggest you go to ER.

A rash that looks like targets with a bulls eye center absolutely merits a trip to ER. This could be SJS a potentially deadly infection.

Lady Organic

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Hi Spacedog666,
Did your eye skin issue cleared out? What happened? Was it Humira?
I am currently dealing with skin issues around both my eyes too, since a month or so, suspecting a Humira reaction. Both eyes at the same time.
No new skin product, I dont use any makeup either.
been on Humira for 2 years now.
First time I have this issue, but I have had eczema as a child/teen on other body parts.
It appears to me like littles spots of eczema, well its a dermatitis, it is bumpy, red and itchy and lesions are clustered. I feel lucky at least its not invading my eyelids. Its located on the outer side of my eyes/face, really close to my eyes. Cortisone creams works well (tried a 14 day course) but as soon as I stop using it, the lesions are spreading and start itching again. I am running in circles with this annoying issue. Plus the pharmacist told me the cortisone cream I used is too strong for use around the eyes:(
I also have issue with seborrheic dermatitis at times, around scalp en on eyebrows or around nose, but this new issue seems like a different thing, especially, I have no SD issues at the current time.
I am waiting from a call from my IBD nurse ans I plan on consulting a dermatologist too. I have also started Reactin pills for allergies as a trial.
Sorry to hear you are having this challenge, as you are one of my favorite posters on this forum and always have good advice for members.

please elevate your concerns with your ibd clinic, and consider adding your pcp into the communication loop
I learned the hard way how quickly skin things can progress, and how much longer it takes to resolve if you put treatment off

a consult with a dermatologist sounds like an excellent plan!
try and request someone familiar with *potential* medication interactions

Many of the ibd treatments leave us open to fungi and bacteria colonizations
They may be able to culture a sample and target a specific therapy to you particualar problem.
That would give much better results than just generically treating a "skin issue"

It might also be a good idea to contact the Manufacturer of Humira to see if they have any ideas / treatment suggestions
.... you might get lucky and have some additional resources there

Skin stuff can be so damn frustrating!
My wife has some really crazy stuff that comes and goes, and it really knocks her down.

Even more frustrating, We've found multiple different causes on multiple different occasions
Candida's and tineas, as well as their generic go to "non contact dermatitis" (whatever that means, lol )

We tried all kinds of things from lotions to potions to medications, untill i got blunt with the clinic folks and asked to culture a sample
lo and behold, we were able to identify the culprit (s) and directly treat them with much better results!

I have also had some success with ultraviolet light (in the "b" wavelength) to treat a few stubborn spots that didn't respond well to creams
this approach requires quite a bit of care and consideration!
but the results have been spectacular for her,

One thing that "sounds" crazy, but has kept things significantly calmer the last few years is "five mile honey"
This is honey made from your local area. (we're super lucky, as the bee farm is just over our back fence :) )
The happy little bees get the pollen from your local flora, and the honey they make incorporates those pollens in a non reactive form
It "seems" to condition her immune system response well and cut down her skin problems during the dry season when she used to really have issues
... your mileage may vary, but it sure works for her!

Good luck, and please post up what you find works for you

... I see the previous posts are from 2014,
... and the original poster never came back and followed up
... i spend a lot of time searching old threads, and it's really cool when the original poster comes back and posts the resolution to their problem!

[edit] my wife just told me that her problem was always worse when her blood sugar wasn't optimal, so that *may* be something else to check /edit

my little penguin

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@Lady Organic
Ds had similar issues with remicade (face /chest /arms )
Allergy meds did nothing
Took three seems to finally dx as drug rash reaction
Which derm /Gi were ok with until it became a systemic reaction
Pulled remicade and rashes disappeared

That said a lot of folks develop paradoxically disease on humira /remicade
Ds developed juvenile arthritis while on humira which is given to treat arthritis
Other develop psoriasis

Definitely have a good derm (one familiar with autoimmune diseases ) look it over

Ds is now on Stelara and another biologic(for auto inflammatory) finally no more mystery rashes

Lady Organic

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Thank you very much both for your responses:)
I reached the Humira nurse today. She said she has had few cases of skin problems with Humira, but nothing I like describe around the eyes.
She told me to contact my GI.
I have searched the web and I have seen a Dr's web site with photos of periocular seborrheic dermatitis. I feel it might be this now. Its very cold here now and extreme cold would be a trigger for SD. I'll try to treat it with some antifungal shampoos (Nizoral and head n Shoulders) I have here and that I sometimes use for my scalp and eyebrows, and see how it reacts. If it doesnt work, Im going to go for a dermatology consultation.
@Lady Organic - can I suggest maybe also trying tea tree oil diluted in another oil. It won't hurt. Tea trea is fantastic for any fungal problem. I had a similar thing in my early 20's (I don't have Crohn's) - and it did clear up on it's own. It was around the eyes just like you described. I hope this discomfort is rectified soon for you.