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EEN and Dental Health

Anyone have issues with dental health after doing a course of EEN? I'm wondering if I should rinse my mouth with saline solution after every "meal." I can feel this weird build-up on my teeth that's really unpleasant. :LOL:

my little penguin

Staff member
There are chewy sticks (occupational therapy aides)
Crushed ice
Brushing teeth after every meal
And some Gi permit gum to chew (sugarless or otherwise )
Some permit pure sugar cane (to sprinkle on crushed ice , as sugar cane candy (sugar water boiled ) or as cotton candy
Others permit dum dum lollipops (similar to EoE diet )

Een can cause SIBO the longer your on it
So your breath stinks no matter how much you brush /rinse

everything has draw backs ....